December 1, 2007

Pinball Number Spaz

Recently I bought the Sesame Street Old School DVDs which is a 'best of' collection ranging from 1967 to about 1980. It's kind of fun watching this stuff with the babies while having these crazy little childhood flashbacks. Anyone who grew up in the 1970's undoubtedly remembers Pinball Number Count (sung by the Pointer Sisters by the way). Gabbie absolutely goes nuts when this comes on, especially during the beginning.


Anonymous said...

I always liked that song,too. I can't believe how excited she gets!
She should learn how to count real soon. This will help in figuring out sale prices when we go shopping.
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jason! Just wait till 40. I'm icing/heating my sore neck as I write. But I love life in my 40's! I just smiled right along with Gabby while she watched that song. You have to give us more videos - we miss all of you! Lisa D. By the way, you titled this "12-7-07". Please tell me that isn't the date already!

Kevin said...


Hanselman Family said...

Sorry we have been out of it lately but, Auntie Sarah can tell you what the life of a teacher is like. Especially one in an At-Risk school!

Those babies are going to drown with all those wet, sloppy kisses!

We still can’t believe we haven’t gotten to seen them yet!