December 30, 2007

Explosive End To '07

The stomach flu has brought holiday joy to the Myers household. Yesterday, it hit Greta. Today, it infected the triplets. The washing machine has not stopped working all day and our house, quite frankly, smells like a sewage treatment plant. Each baby has had at least four major diaper blowouts necessitating a complete change of clothes. All 3 have thrown up just about everything they have attempted to eat. The beds have been stripped and the bedding washed due to a triple puke during this afternoon's nap. By this evening, the poor little guys were worn out. Even Lukas wanted to cuddle, which never happens. Hopefully this one skips over me. We have been pretty lucky so far as the babies have not really gotten sick. The babies have had a couple of minor colds here and there, but this is the first major virus. On the bright side, when everyone is puking we don't have to wonder whether it's shunt related.

There really aren't any cute pictures associated with this event, so I decided to include a few more from the Christmas shoot.


Anonymous said...

YUCK!!!!!!! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

Poor babies! I hope they are over that when I come see them next week! No exploding diapers for Auntie Em!!