October 7, 2007

The Baptism

Sunday was the baptism of the triplets followed by a lunch at our house. Everything went very well, aside from the fact that it was one of the hottest days of the year. I was worried that we would be trapped inside because of rain, in October you just don't think heat will be a factor. As part of the celebration I put together a sappy video commemorating their first 9 months of life up to the baptism, which I posted above. Thanks to everyone who came, it was a wonderful time. A baptism is always a very special occasion, but considering the miracle these little guys are it was even more so. We are both exhausted now and are looking forward to our vacation up north this week and to the hot weather finally going away.

God parents
Niklas - Kevin Currie & Indre Miseikyte
Lukas - Ben & Emily Myers
Gabriella - Adam Licari & Sarah Myers


Anonymous said...

Oh man, are they cute! We loved the video! Their laughs were contagious as we sat here and watched them. Congratulations on a very special baptism day! The Davis Family

P.S. We were at Cedar Point in this heat. Almost killed the adults. Kids didn't notice. Thought of you taking the 3 little guys there yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Lisa gave me a call after she watched these pictures. That's all I needed - I ran down here in my slippers, looking like the wrath of God, to see the triplets. What a wonderful feeling to see them growing and all of you being so happy. We still tell your story to so many people. Arletha & Floyd (the man)

Sue and John Currie said...

Jason and Greta - Thank you so much for sharing your little miracles. The video is terrific and NOT sappy at all. So glad to see the babies are doing so well. Congratulations on your beautiful family.

Kevin said...

What did you do to make me look so fat?!? I swear i've been hitting the gym and eating right. Actually knocked 3 lbs off over the past month. The camera adds 10 lbs and Greta's professional camera must add 20.

Anonymous said...

What a great video; I've watched it over and over. You did such a wonderful job with the baptism. All went well even in the heat; (except for my hair). Love granny

Anonymous said...

I dont' know Kevin, you look pretty good to me :)



Anonymous said...

Greta and Jason. What a blessing! The video will be something you'll treasure for a lifetime. Your 3 miracles have certainly grown and are sooooo cute. Enjoy each day and let gramma and grampa have some play time! Judy Stark