October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I have mentioned before how baffled I am at the fact that no one in my neighborhood ever goes outside. It's a relatively new neighborhood and almost every house has kids. Every time Greta and I walk the babies its like a science fiction movie where everyone suddenly vanished. Tonight was no different. I set up to scare the trick or treators with decorations and a stereo system in the yard and we got only 3 groups of kids. It's not how I remember it as a kid, do children trick or treat anymore? Are their parents too protective to let them outside? Are they too fat to walk around for their candy? Do they trick or treat online in 'Second Life'? I really hope this is isolated to my neighborhood and that other ones are bustling with little children everywhere screaming and having fun. Anyway, with everything that is going on Greta did manage to get the trio dressed up for a photo shoot. Lukas is on top, Gabbie is in the middle and Niklas is on the bottom.

In other news, Gabbie has cut her first two teeth on the bottom. The babies are progressing more and more into the toddler phase every day and are becoming more fun all of the time. I do, however, need to get in shape again if I am going to keep up with these guys. They are getting heavier and more active with each day that passes. They are going to wear mom and dad out.


Joe & Leslie said...

Yes, they do go out in our neighborhood, it was very busy! I don't know if it's because we have a very small neighborhood or what? The kids had a riot, your more than welcome to come out and join us for future trick-or-treating!

The trio are so darn cute in their costumes!

Glad to hear the surgery went well, you are always in our thoughts...


Anonymous said...

everyone I talked to said they didn't have many trick or treaters. Kind of sad; I remember how excited you guys got.

Loved the pictures; Kirby has a matching ladybug costume.

Love Granny

Anonymous said...

They look great in their costumes - so cute! Was Floyd a matching bug or was he costume-free this year?

Our neighborhood draws in van loads of kids from outlying Dexter areas, so Halloween is a blast! Think of the "Mr. Mom" or "E.T." Halloween scenes, and that's our neighborhood. More than half of the houses are decorated, and most of the folks handing out candy are as costumed as the trick-or-treaters. We might go through 12 - 14 bags of candy, but it is sooo worth it!

As always, you and your fam are in our thoughts and prayers - you all continue to amaze and inspire us!

Jen, Joe, & Mark Wagner

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason and Gretta

The babies look awesome - cannot wait to see them. I went to Chris and Sommer's for halloween and we had tons of kids. I guess it just depends on the neighborhood - but halloween is not dead here.

See you guys soon. Love Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

I think we get the prize. We have a REAL haunted house across the street. (A guy hung himself there when I was little and our big thing was going to look at the rope that stayed in the tree for years!) The people who now live there (and yes, it even looks like the haunted house at Disney World!) go all out and we drag in kids from all over! Last year they had 1200 trick or treaters. I can't keep up with that but I do hand out a lot of candy. Let me tell you, there was not ONE trick or treater as cute as your 3 little bugs! What happened to the 3 little pigs? We were so worried that Niklas wouldn't be home in time to complete the trio. So glad all 3 were together! Lisa D.