October 14, 2007

Holiday Road Part III

It's funny that this little trip has taken up 3 posts, but we crammed so much in that it's warranted. No Clark W. Griswold family vacation would be complete without over-extending yourself. After 3 wonderful nights in Traverse City, it probably would have been best to call it quits. But no, we had St. Ignace, Mackinaw Island, and Taquamenon falls yet to tackle. After all, we're the Myers family.

So we packed up the van and headed North up M-31 towards the bridge, having lunch in Petoskey on the way and feeding the babies while we were there. Pestoskey is also one of those places that I wouldn't mind living. It really was a beautiful drive, but exhaustion started to set in. I had lost the papers for the hotel in St. Ignace, but that really wasn't a big deal since I knew the owners of the Best Western also owned the hotel that we were staying at and it wouldn't be hard to find.

The whole drive to the bridge was beautiful. We stopped and looked at a bunch of gorgeous lakes that I had never seen before and picked out yet a few more places I would like to live. We crossed the bridge into St. Ignace, and I spotted the bed and breakfast I figured to be the one we were staying at. To be sure, we pulled into the Best Western to ask them. Turns out, they didn't own another hotel, I was confused. However, the B.W. looked pretty nice and I thought we would stay there. I asked the receptionist if I could use their computer to find where we were staying so I could cancel our reservation and book with them. We now had our hotel, but we all concluded that we were exhausted and that this would be our last night. Tomorrow we would head home and take the rest of Sunday and Monday to recoup.

But if this was our last night, then Mackinaw Island was out of the question. Taquamenon Falls was our only option, after all it was only a 45 minute drive. We would do the falls, and then head home in the morning. The 45 minute was really almost a 2 hour drive. It turns out that measuring mileage on the map with your index finger and thumb is not all that accurate. By the time we got to the Falls we were at the end of our rope and ready to jump over the falls. On the site is a brewery and restaurant to which we headed to eat, feed the trio and enjoy a much needed beer. Once everyone had their food, the outlook was much sunnier. We had an absolutely incredible stroll around the falls which were nothing short of awesome this time of year. We got back to the hotel late, put the babies to bed and prepared for our drive home.

The next day, we stopped under the bridge in Mackinaw City to take some pictures and then headed home. Again, the babies were angels the whole time. Our little guys are troopers and have encouraged us to venture out even more. Before long, they will be world travellers like Mom and Dad.

I created a map outlining our trip with each day's route being color coded. Click on each of the markers to see more about the location. Click here to see more pictures.


Kevin said...

i like how you say everyone was @ the end of their ropes until they ate. what you really meant was you were grumpy till they fed you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You really are adventurous! I always tell my kids that if heaven is as pretty as the view from the Sleeping Bear Dunes scenic drive, I'll be very happy! Next you have to take the hike from the Lower to the Upper Tahquaminin Falls. I think we measured that one with our thumb and index finger before we took off - or maybe just dragging 3 kids on these adventures adds a few miles! We enjoyed every one of your pictures! Lisa D.