October 14, 2007

Holiday Road Part II

We woke up on our first morning in Traverse City not really knowing what we were going to do. The original plan was to visit downtown Traverse, but it was cold and rainy and that didn't seem appealing anymore. Dailius suggested that we go to the mall as he did not bring along a warm enough coat. The weather was supposed to clear up and we figured that by the time we did the mall that we could continue with the plan. We got to the mall around 10:00 a.m. and went to T.J. Maxx to get a coat. 11:00 rolled around and we needed to eat and feed the babies, so we went to the food court. Once the babies and adults were fed, the babies needed to be changed and then it was 12:30.

Halfway through the first day of our 'adventure' and we had seen T.J. Maxx. I figured we might as well head over to Best Buy, J.C. Penney and Target making this the most exotic vacation ever! When we left the mall it was still cold and rainy. I had the Leelanau trip planned for the next day, so I had to come up with something. We decided to drive up the Old Mission Peninsula, and it was a good choice. It was such a beautiful drive up this narrow peninsula which is now among the top 5 places I wish to live. The lifestyle up north is so different. No one is in a hurry driving as they will even politely pull over to the shoulder to let you pass them. Along the way, we stopped at a self serve road side stand to buy some apples. The owners just left the cash box out so people could pay and make their own change. I could get used life up there.

The next day, we took our trip around the Leelanau Peninsula. Quite honestly, I think this is the most beautiful part of Michigan and maybe one of my favorite places ever (and that's saying alot). We heading across M-72 over to the Sleeping Bear Dunes for some site seeing. We posed for some pictures, but took turns staying in the van with the babies as the temperature on some of these overlooks was in the low 40's with 40+ mph winds. We continued on to have lunch in Leeland, drove through Northport, Suttons Bay, and then headed back to the hotel.

We didn't sleep to well in T.C., but it wasn't until the last night that we discovered the reason. The cribs provided did not have a bumper around the edges. As a result, when one of the babies lost their binky and started to search for it, there was a good chance they would knock it on to the floor. We woke up every 2 hours in order to give someone a pacifier. In addition, the mattresses were too soft and the babies could not flip over because of it. Once we got the pack 'n' plays set up at the next hotel, all was well. The picture is of Lukas deciding it was time for lunch.

I created a map outlining our trip with each day's route being color coded. Click on each of the markers to see more about the location. Click here to see more pictures.


Anonymous said...

Where's my sweet god son Lukas?? The baby in this picture scares me a little...... He definitely takes after Auntie Em if that is his "I'm hungry" face!

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who loses their binky in the middle of the night is justified to be cranky. Keep that thing close to them! I think you guys nailed down the best places to go in Northern Michigan and had a great time up there. I'm sure I'll be reading this blog later and planning this exact trip soon...Bush