October 14, 2007

Holiday Road Part I

So Greta, her parents, the triplets and I took our first Griswold style family road trip consisting of over 900 miles of fall color viewing and Michigan site seeing. I created a map outlining our trip with each day's route being color coded. Click on each of the markers to see more about the location. Click here to see more pictures.

We rented a minivan for this trip with me in the Captain's seat, Dailius riding shotgun, Niklas and Irena taking the two bucket seats behind me, and Greta sardined between Lukas and Gabbie in the rear bench seat. We left Ypsilanti Wednesday afternoon, making our way up to my parent's cottage in Cadillac for a break to feed the babies. After giving them their bottles and a jar of food each, we moved on to Traverse City. When we got there we figured the best course of action would be to eat dinner, check into the hotel, feed the babies and then put them to bed.

This was our fist restaurant experience with the babies. As we stood outside the doors of the establishment, Greta was very nervous to go in. I think she was afraid we would burden the patrons with our over abundance of babies. In my tired state of mind I decided that I no longer cared. I figured that this is my family and the world just needs to deal with it. Besides, every where we go my kids are pretty good and I generally see much worse from other peoples offspring. The babies were angels and just sat in their strollers while we had a glass of wine and enjoyed our meal. In fact, besides breakfast, we (including the babies) ate every meal on this trip in a restaurant. This was a real eye opener for us, as we have been reluctant to take the babies out to eat up until this point. Now we are seasoned pros, and our efficiency continues to amaze me. Having the grandparents along was priceless, and having a saint for a wife doesn't hurt either.

While letting the babies play (supervised of course) on one of the king sized beds, we suddenly realized that are babies are mobile. I turned my head for two seconds only to hear a loud thud. Lukas had rolled off of the bed and onto the floor and was not one bit happy about it. He screamed for a while, but was just fine. Once everyting calmed down we put the babies in the cribs provided by the hotel. Although we did lug along 3 pack 'n' plays, we thought it would be easier to put them in the provided cribs. Despite that little incident we survived the first day. The picture is of Niklas catching up on his reading during the long car ride.

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