September 17, 2007

Tornadoes (Post 100)

I never thought that I would take to this blogging thing. Originally, I thought it would be cool to document the ultrasounds and sort of chart the growth of the babies. I never really anticipated that life would become what it has, but I guess you never do, and that is the fun of it. But here we are, 100 posts later.

I used to have this recurring dream that started sometime in college and occurred a couple times a month. It was always sort of the same, but each time the circumstances and setting changed a bit. My surroundings were always familiar, but varied from my childhood home in Dimondale, to the cottage in Cadillac to the house I live in now. Generally, I would look to the sky and see inclement weather approaching far off in the distance. Invariably, I watch in awe as one, then eventually multiple tornadoes spin out of the sky. I stand there in fascination and fear watching these multiple tornadoes spin around (I want to say that there were always three, but I don't really know for sure). I was a meteorology major for about 1 semester in college because of my interest in the weather, so each time the sight of the tornadoes would be captivating. I remain in complete awe until I realize that the tornadoes are headed directly at me. No matter the location, I find the best place for cover, feeling the vibration of the approaching storms. The house begins to rattle, the roof begins to come loose, and I become completely terrified of my impending doom. Just before what would be my certain death I, of course, wake up. I used to wonder what on earth this dream could possibly mean, but I think I know the answer now. The tornadoes are here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, but they are such CUTE tornadoes! Lisa D.