September 4, 2007

Eye Exam

When new parents bring their babies home from the hospital, they will tell you how awesome it is. They will say how it is all worth it, that it is the most rewarding experience in the world, and that they wouldn't trade it for anything. I will be the first to tell you that they are lying. Bringing even a healthy newborn baby home from the hospital sucks. You are up every couple hours feeding. You are exhausted to the point of hallucination. You learn everything as you go along and worry about every little thing your kid does. It's completely miserable. When I look back on the fact that we had three little babies at home, on oxygen, that needed to be fed every three hours I wonder how we even survived. Now, was it all worth it? Absolutely! I think after about the 6 month mark, parenting becomes the most awesome and rewarding experience ever. All of that misery is completely justified when your babies start interacting with you. Parents have selective memory, which is why I don't remember the NICU or most of the first 3 months at home, but I remember all the laughs and good times. So remember, when new parents tell you how awesome it is, just smile and agree since they are in a state of temporary insanity and don't know what they are saying.

Today, we went to visit the eye doctor for the first time since last spring. I have to admit that sometimes I am just waiting for the hammer to drop. During our stay in the NICU there were many potential obstacles and it always seemed like one of the three was trying to overcome one of them. I fully expected to hear today that someone was behind in their sight development or that something would be wrong. I am not being pessimistic, but with 28 week preemies there is a pretty good chance that at least one of them is going to have some kind of vision problem. Amazingly enough, everyone was doing fine. Another sigh of relief and another hurdle leaped, although we are not completely out of the woods yet. The miracle that these babies are continues to amaze me everyday.


Anonymous said...

Sveika Greta, visai atsitiktinai per Gyte (Indres drauge)suzinojau kaip galima tave surasti. Turbut jau ir pamirsai, kad dar tokia esu:((. Kazkada rasiau tau, bet turbut jau kitas adresas buvo. Kaip dziaugiausi gavusi tavo adresa ir kazka daugiau suzinojusi apie tave. Kokia grazi tavo seima. Kaip gera turbut tureti tris, nors isivaizduoju kokia turejo buti sunki pradzia. As turiu dvi merginas Gintarei jau bus 9 metai, o Dominykai greitai 4. Dabar rasau is darbo, todel negaliu prideti nuotraukos, bet butinai tai padarysiu. Jei bus laiko trumpai parasyk kaip tau sekasi. Laukiu. Ieva

Anonymous said...

I just want to know what is going on in the background of this picture to make the kids look at the camera like that!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending this blog on to the family of the poor pooped on victim. Very funny in a sick sort of way. I second your view on the last yahoo up north. We miss those little guys already! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jason and Greta. Our twins turned one this past June and we just celebrated their "adjusted one" on September 1st! I guess that is one benefit of being a preemie - two 1 year old birthdays... It does continue to get easier - still challenging (walking...), but easier.

Your children are beautiful and I am so happy that they are doing well.

The Guinn Triplets said...

You sound like us...we have 28 weekers that in the beginning seemed to be diagnosed with almost every devasting preemie problem (grade 4 brain bleed, NEC, PDA ligation,moderate ROP, etc). I still can't believe that none of it has had any long term consequences.

I guess I just can't get over how truly lucky and blessed we are!

Your little ones are PRECIOUS...keep up the good work!