September 15, 2007

Six Months Adjusted

Yesterday, the Triplets turned 6 months old adjusted. This means that it would have been their 6 month birthday had they made it to their expected due date of March 14th. Next week, however, they will actually be 9 months old. Time continues to fly, and these little people get more fun (and exhausting) every day. I used to wonder how my dad could just sit in a chair and instantly fall asleep , now I get it. In fact I just woke up from an "old man nap" a few minutes ago. I mentioned a while back that the exhaustion is a good thing, and I do stand by that. Life is never boring, and it never slows down. Tonight, Greta and I are actually going out to dinner. We have only been out together 2 other times since the babies have came home. That's it for today, as I have the mental capacity of a rock right now.


Anonymous said...

what great pictures! They are so adorable. It must have been an effort to get them to all look at the same time. (What did dad do to make Gabbie stick her tongue out?)
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Happy adjusted birthday to all! Lisa D.

Hanselman Family said...

It’s hard to believe it has been 6 months. It’s nice to be praying for a rock instead of the three fragile little lives.


Anonymous said...

maziuleliai grazuoleliai... :)