August 5, 2007


Much has happened over the past week, but probably the biggest news is that we can now start solid foods. We started with rice cereal. Niklas opened and closed his mouth as if he knew exactly what to do. Gabbie would sort of open her mouth, but would spit every last drop back onto her bib. Lukas wasn't about to let us put anything new in his mouth. In the few days we have been doing this, not much has improved. On Thursday, Greta tried sweet potatoes, which all three of them hated. Gabbie cried as if it were hot peppers we stuck in her mouth and Niklas has now decided that maybe Lukas has the right idea by not opening his mouth. When we get done, there is mush everywhere but in the babies mouths. I think that Greta is a little offended that the babies didn't like her homemade organic baby food.

Last Sunday, the five of us made it to church for the first time as a family. In fact, we got there on time which is something we couldn't do before we had kids. We sat in the back, close to the exit in case things got out of control. Much to our surprise, they were little angels. They never made a peep and they seemed to love the organ music. This Sunday, we couldn't pull of getting out of the house, so I went solo.

Niklas had a follow up appointment with neurosurgery on Friday at U of M. His doctor was pleasantly surprised at the progress Niklas has made. He thought that he was on par developmentally with a typical 7 month old (not adjusted)! His ventricles have shrunk to a more or less normal size which is a huge relief after all those months of being told how big they are. There is one area in his brain that is holding a little bit of fluid. Although this poses no risk at the moment, they turned the shunt down to a 1.0 to cause more draining and try to resolve this particular spot. If that doesn't work, they may need to do another minor surgery to connect this area to the main area that is being drained by the shunt. It's a little bit frustrating that we are still tweaking at this point, but Niklas is doing so wonderfully well that we can't complain. He is a tough kid, completely on track and smiles all the time. What more could we want?

Gabbie 16 lbs. 8 oz.
Niklas 14 lbs 15 oz.
Lukas 12 lbs.


Joe & Leslie said...

Greta and Jason,

I'm so happy they are doing so well...they are such beautiful babies!


Hanselman Family said...

When we first moved to Ypsi Mari Lee was 7, Fred was 2, and I was 9 months. One parent went to early worship service and one went to late service because they couldn’t handle church with us all at once!

Sounds like your crew is doing great!