August 24, 2007

More Pictures

I have been on the digital bandwagon for a while now with music, picture and video libraries going back over 6 years. I have always been pretty good about keeping things organized and backed up at home, but have never really put together a strategy for sharing this stuff. Now, everyone wants to see the latest pictures and they want to see them now. A couple of weeks ago my computer died and I purchased a new one. This provided a good opportunity to re-organize all this stuff and put it online. I recently deleted everything in my flickr account and started putting photos back up orgranized by "event". I now plan on updating flickr once a month with all of the triplet photos. If you have never used flickr, I highly recommend it.

Click here to go to our event page, or click on the flickr badge on the site to go to July's pictures. By the way, thanks to everyone who has been reading this over the past 8 months. Greta and I check the blog multiple times a day just to read the comments which have been a huge part of our getting through the tough times.


Kevin said...

That is one of the few pics where you are not taking a nap. I like how you use your kids as an excuse to sleep all day.

Anonymous said...

We are counting down the days till we see all of you guys again. Hopefully your up north plans are still on. We are heading up on Tues. night. Tim will leave Sat., the kids and I will stay till Tuesday. Mackenzie is having triplet withdrawl. Lisa D.