August 19, 2007

NICU Reunion

The last eight months have been a complete blur, even more so than the supposed 5 years I spent in Mt. Pleasant "studying". This last winter, we just rolled with the punches of the NICU and tried digest the daily news as best we could. What seems so strange now is, that for the most part, I don't remember it. I think that the experience was so painful that I blocked the vast majority of it out. I remember the faces of the doctors and nurses, the procedures, and the really, really bad news. I remember that I got off the elevator at floor 3, took a left, then a left, then a right. I remember praying in the chapel each day asking God to heal our babies. But that's about it.

Last Saturday, we attended the NICU reunion at St. Joseph Mercy. It was yet another one of those surreal experiences. Despite the fact that the NICU was such a horrible time, the doctors and nurses who took care of our babies are among the faces I enjoy seeing the most. It was awesome to see everyone outside the hospital in a social setting. I know that it's cliche to say that these people are sent from heaven, but there is no disputing that they are a very, very special breed. We ran into other families that were in the NICU at the same time we were, and even some familiar faces from the multiples picnic a couple of months ago. Everyone was out in the sun, eating snow cones and having a good time. Not so much reminiscing about how bad things were, but how things are now and how life is a miracle. Parents who have spent time in the NICU have a certain connection. It's like a club that nobody really wants to be a part of, but we are. Nevertheless, the reunion was filled with some of the most grounded people I have ever met. Maybe it's because they can relate.

In other news, physical therapy paid us another visit yesterday. Apparently, Pam told us that our babies are doing phenomenal. Not just ok, or good, but fantastic! She reminded us how lucky we really are, especially that Niklas is doing as well as he is. I couldn't be happier with these little miracles, and they continue to amaze me every day.


Kevin said...

Think they are up for a U of M tailgate yet? They eat Brats and Burgers now, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Kevin: They will never be up for a U of M taligate.

Thanks again to everyone who prayed so hard for these babies and for all the help that has been given to us. We are blessed to have such great friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Kevin the babies eat creamed carrots and rice cereal. they will never develop a taste for creamed wolverine GRANDPA

Anonymous said...

Well put - NICU parents are part of a special club that only those who have graduated out of it can understand.

We all have similar stories and pictures from the time our children spent there and have a special appreciation for those who helped us through it.

While looking back at those days may sometimes be a little blury - we know they are never truly forgotten and pray that our children never have to go back.

Kris Phillips said...

Jason and Greta

Greta and the kids look wonderful in the picture. Me?--ugh! It was wonderful to see you both and the kids at the reunion, and to see how well you are all doing. I wish there had been more time to chat-it went by so quickly. Keep in touch.