July 2, 2007

Enjoying The Summer

Lately, we have simply been enjoying our summer with the Triplets. One of Greta's former coworkers, Sarah, came over on Friday to baby sit while we snuck out to our corner Mexican restaurant for dinner and a Margarita. It was very nice to actually go out for a couple of hours, although we still talked about the babies the entire time. Saturday, Greta went to the Cayman Chemical(her former employer's) annual party while I stayed home with the babies. Kevin and Julie came over, we ordered pizza, hung out on the deck and had a bonfire. Sunday, our friends Olga and Eddie stopped by, and we grilled out and enjoyed the perfect weather. We had a really fun weekend of just hanging out and realizing just how lucky we are to have such good babies. Every day I am amazed at how happy and calm these little guys are. Aside from a few nights last week where Lukas was waking up at 3:00 a.m. demanding his binky, they have been sleeping through the night. They are starting to interact with each other, beginning to play, and seem to be happy just about all the time. Our next goal is a family getaway to my parent's place in Cadillac which we hope to accomplish towards the end of this month or beginning of August. The summer is already flying by.


Kevin said...

dig the new look. lovin the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

There are two things I love in the world. One is monkies, two is shiny things. If you have a monkey wearing shiny things, then I am in heaven.

The Condor

Hanselman Family said...

Your Dad is working hard at getting your privet room [formally known as the shed] ready for you & the babies.

We loved the pictures your Mom had up there & Ben & Emily have taken Steve on in all his challenges. Your gang better get up there and retain the honor of the Meyer name.