July 13, 2007

Greta And Indre Leave

Today I dropped Greta and Indre off at the airport. Indre was probably ready to return home, as I know that whenever I am away for about 10 days or more I am ready to come back to my own bed. Greta, although excited to see her parents, really did not want to leave her babies. Tonight will be the first night that we have been apart since the triplets were born. So far, things have gone smoothly. I did the 4:00 feeding by myself and had a blast reading stories to them afterwards. Finally, around 6:00, Grandma arrived. We got everyone fed and in bed without too much trouble, but Gabbie isn't a big fan of bedtime as of late. Generally she cries for about 10 - 15 minutes after putting her down. Grandma has a hard time with babies crying, and we generally make it a policy to let them cry a little bit.

Last night we did a little photo shoot that didn't go so well. We were all very tired, and in every picture I managed to have a weird look on my face. I was really trying my best, but we just couldn't get a good shot with me in it. Greta was very tired and frustrated and she kept telling me to look natural and not posed, but the more she said that the harder it was. Anyway, tomorrow will be my first full day without Greta. Before leaving she left me a list of how the day should go. I have a feeling that when this is over, I will have an even greater appreciation for my wife.


Kevin said...

what are you a 4 year old? what grown man can't take a picture?

Anonymous said...

That is a great pic of Indre and the kids!!!

Auntie Em