July 10, 2007

Indre, The E.R. and The Clinic

Last Tuesday, Greta's sister Indre arrived from Lithuania. She is here until Friday, at which point she will return to Lithuania and will be taking Greta with her! I am already starting to panic a little bit. The babies don't scare me anymore, but I do know that they love their Mommy and that Mommy sometimes has a calming effect that Daddy doesn't. My mom is coming to help out while Greta is gone, so that is a huge relief.

On Sunday, Niklas made a trip to the emergency room at St. Joseph's, this time for constipation. After all that we've been though you're probably wondering why constipation would warrant a trip to the E.R. on an otherwise beautiful Sunday afternoon. The thing is, Niklas was grunting, and when I say grunting I mean REALLY grunting. He would grunt and grunt until he turned purple and then fall asleep from exhaustion. When he would wake back up, he would start crying and commence the grunting. We tried suppositories and warm baths to no avail. So, we figured we would just get this taken care of. I am sure when he is a teenager he will really appreciate me blogging about his first enema experience. Shorty after, Niklas relieved himself like a true man. When the doctor asked him, "how did that feel?", he replied with a huge grin.

Monday was our big appointment with the developmental clinic at St. Joesph where they check the babies for any signs of delay or developmental problems. The asked us a bunch of questions about the triplets and did various exercises with them to guage their progress. One of the more peculiar questions they asked was "can your child distinguish between happy voices and angry voices?" I just couldn't help but wonder, who yells at their baby? The babies scores ranged from the 50th to the 65th percentile for their adjusted age (4 months). Right in the middle of the pack! I never thought I would be so happy to hear "average", but after all these guys have been through average is fantastic. Especially Niklas, who is showing no ill effects of the trauma he went through.

The picture is of Gabbie using her "Podee". This is one of the greatest inventions that I have ever seen and it allows me to actually feed all three babies by myself. Essentially it is the cap and nipple attached to a hose that drops into the bottle. It looks like she is smokng a baby hookah.


Anonymous said...

Is my niece holding a bong? Nice Jason! Actually you could probably use that thing for your coffee so you quit spilling on yourself. Give babies lots of kisses. Can't wait to see them in October!

Love Auntie Sarah

COTD_Girl said...

LOL! Baby hookah. Hilarious.

Hanselman Family said...

I’m sure Gary & Tim will appreciate Niklas’ story. Ben is up north with them right now. Niklas is probably the talk of the golf course today.

Glad to hear all is going well with their development.