July 27, 2007

Bath Time

Here are some pictures post bath time. They all pretty much like taking baths. Lukas splashes around like a maniac. Niklas splashes, but with a little more reservation. Gabbie would prefer candles and a glass of wine. She does not appreciate any horsing around.

This week, physical therapy paid us a visit. Normally, they tell us the exercises we need to do to help the babies compensate for this or that. This time, Pam was completely blown away. We no longer have to do anything special for any of them. They are right where they should be. Hearing that is definitely a relief, but hearing this kind of news is not as important to us as it once was. Through all of this, we have realized that God does not always give you what you are expecting. He rarely deals you the perfect situation you have laid out in your head. Things are never what you anticipate, and more often than not you are thrown a major curve ball. What's really weird is that I now see perfection as weird and boring. Of course you don't want anything to be wrong with your child, but everyone has flaws. I now view imperfection as a beautiful thing. I am seeing more and more that people who expect perfection from their children never seem to be happy. If I had a choice, I would never have let my babies go through the NICU experience. Looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to the 5 of us, it completely changed my perspective. By the way, is Greta a talented photographer, or what? Also, to the folks up north, we are heading up there August 11th.

July 19, 2007

An Eye Opening Week

This was my week with the babies and the first time since they were born that I have been without Greta. I haven't been alone, my Mom came Friday thru Wednesday night, my Dad was with us Saturday and Sunday, and Ann (our daytime help) will be here during the day until Greta gets back. Nevertheless, I have done my fair share of feeding the trio alone, changing diapers, putting babies down for naps, laundry, cleaning bottles, making milk, walking the dog, and the thousands of other things my wonderful wife does each day. I truly have a new appreciation for Greta, and realize even more how lucky I am that my wife is such a super mother. Being Mr. Mom this week has been awesome though. I have bonded even closer to the babies and it's tons of fun taking care of them each day. We had a visit from Kevin & Julie on Tuesday and the Babbie family on Wednesday. It's actually been a really fun week. And yes, Sergeant A. Retentive here has completely stuck to the schedule keeping the babies on track the whole time.

Today around 3:45 Jenny Lawrence calls me up and tells me that a tornado has been spotted in Washtenaw county and is heading our way. A few minutes later the power goes out and a dark cloud is looming over the tree tops. We live on a wooded lot, so I began to get concerned about a tree coming through the windows since it happened to my neighbor just a few weeks ago. So, we all headed to the basement and waited it out. The triplets were so good the whole time, they just sat there and looked cute. 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 rolled by and we still did not have power, so I gathered everything we would need to survive with no power (after the blackout of 2003, I had no confidence that the power would come back on anytime soon). I grabbed the cooler from the garage and filled it with all the ice we had and put the remaining baby bottles in there. I started to wonder how we were going to warm it up, when I remembered that we have a chaffing dish in the basement which is essentially a metal dish that is heated from below by a bunson burner. I gathered all the candles and flashlights I could find and began to prepare for an eerily quiet night with the babies.

What I didn't realize is that turning your power back on is incredibly easy. At 7:30 I decided to call DTE and see if they knew how long this would be. Immediately I was asked by the automated system "If your service is out or this is an emergency, press 1". No kidding, the second that I pressed the number 1, my power came back on. Just a tip, if you are ever in that situation.

July 13, 2007

Greta And Indre Leave

Today I dropped Greta and Indre off at the airport. Indre was probably ready to return home, as I know that whenever I am away for about 10 days or more I am ready to come back to my own bed. Greta, although excited to see her parents, really did not want to leave her babies. Tonight will be the first night that we have been apart since the triplets were born. So far, things have gone smoothly. I did the 4:00 feeding by myself and had a blast reading stories to them afterwards. Finally, around 6:00, Grandma arrived. We got everyone fed and in bed without too much trouble, but Gabbie isn't a big fan of bedtime as of late. Generally she cries for about 10 - 15 minutes after putting her down. Grandma has a hard time with babies crying, and we generally make it a policy to let them cry a little bit.

Last night we did a little photo shoot that didn't go so well. We were all very tired, and in every picture I managed to have a weird look on my face. I was really trying my best, but we just couldn't get a good shot with me in it. Greta was very tired and frustrated and she kept telling me to look natural and not posed, but the more she said that the harder it was. Anyway, tomorrow will be my first full day without Greta. Before leaving she left me a list of how the day should go. I have a feeling that when this is over, I will have an even greater appreciation for my wife.

July 10, 2007

Indre, The E.R. and The Clinic

Last Tuesday, Greta's sister Indre arrived from Lithuania. She is here until Friday, at which point she will return to Lithuania and will be taking Greta with her! I am already starting to panic a little bit. The babies don't scare me anymore, but I do know that they love their Mommy and that Mommy sometimes has a calming effect that Daddy doesn't. My mom is coming to help out while Greta is gone, so that is a huge relief.

On Sunday, Niklas made a trip to the emergency room at St. Joseph's, this time for constipation. After all that we've been though you're probably wondering why constipation would warrant a trip to the E.R. on an otherwise beautiful Sunday afternoon. The thing is, Niklas was grunting, and when I say grunting I mean REALLY grunting. He would grunt and grunt until he turned purple and then fall asleep from exhaustion. When he would wake back up, he would start crying and commence the grunting. We tried suppositories and warm baths to no avail. So, we figured we would just get this taken care of. I am sure when he is a teenager he will really appreciate me blogging about his first enema experience. Shorty after, Niklas relieved himself like a true man. When the doctor asked him, "how did that feel?", he replied with a huge grin.

Monday was our big appointment with the developmental clinic at St. Joesph where they check the babies for any signs of delay or developmental problems. The asked us a bunch of questions about the triplets and did various exercises with them to guage their progress. One of the more peculiar questions they asked was "can your child distinguish between happy voices and angry voices?" I just couldn't help but wonder, who yells at their baby? The babies scores ranged from the 50th to the 65th percentile for their adjusted age (4 months). Right in the middle of the pack! I never thought I would be so happy to hear "average", but after all these guys have been through average is fantastic. Especially Niklas, who is showing no ill effects of the trauma he went through.

The picture is of Gabbie using her "Podee". This is one of the greatest inventions that I have ever seen and it allows me to actually feed all three babies by myself. Essentially it is the cap and nipple attached to a hose that drops into the bottle. It looks like she is smokng a baby hookah.

July 2, 2007

Enjoying The Summer

Lately, we have simply been enjoying our summer with the Triplets. One of Greta's former coworkers, Sarah, came over on Friday to baby sit while we snuck out to our corner Mexican restaurant for dinner and a Margarita. It was very nice to actually go out for a couple of hours, although we still talked about the babies the entire time. Saturday, Greta went to the Cayman Chemical(her former employer's) annual party while I stayed home with the babies. Kevin and Julie came over, we ordered pizza, hung out on the deck and had a bonfire. Sunday, our friends Olga and Eddie stopped by, and we grilled out and enjoyed the perfect weather. We had a really fun weekend of just hanging out and realizing just how lucky we are to have such good babies. Every day I am amazed at how happy and calm these little guys are. Aside from a few nights last week where Lukas was waking up at 3:00 a.m. demanding his binky, they have been sleeping through the night. They are starting to interact with each other, beginning to play, and seem to be happy just about all the time. Our next goal is a family getaway to my parent's place in Cadillac which we hope to accomplish towards the end of this month or beginning of August. The summer is already flying by.