June 27, 2007

Happy (Belated) 6 Month Birthday

The Triplets turned 6 months old on the 21st. I could never have imagined that things would be like this back in January. In total, the babies have gained about 30 lbs.!

Lukas 10 lbs. 14 oz.
Niklas 13 lbs. 5 oz.
Gabbie 14lbs. 14 oz.

Notice that Niklas and Lukas are starting to gain ground on Gabbie. It makes sense, in the beginning these guys were gaining about 1 pound a week. If that continued, we would have 52 lb. babies at the end of a year, and that would be weird. They growth is slowing down, and we are on cruise control right now. We all sleep through the night on a regular basis, and sometimes we have to wake the babies up in the morning to eat.

Last weekend, we went to a high-order multiples picnic in Saline, and what a sight it was. There were about 6 sets of Triplets and 2 sets of Quadruplet girls. It was really an amazing thing to see so many people there, and all of them doing just fine with the rigors of being parents of multiples. Sometimes I think parents of multiples have an easier time than parents of single babies because we are forced to turn everything into such a well engineered process. We develop our own little systems for feeding, putting kids to bed, getting them dressed, and loading/unloading into the car. The picnic was definitely a great time, and it was fun to meet other people who can really relate to our experience. It was also fascinating to meet one of 52 people in the world to have natural identical quadruplets(2 eggs, each splitting once).


Anonymous said...

I love this picture! Can't believe it's been 6 months (even tho the first 3 months dragged!)Give them all kisses from grandma. Keep up the good work; you guys are awesome.


Davis family said...

Do you guys just have a camera out all the time or do you get "lucky" to get such CUTE pictures? I can't say it enough how boring you make my kids' baby books look. I love catching up on your family!

Hanselman Family said...

WOW! They are about old enough to go on Stevie’s Wave Runners!! Timmy got ’em in the lake last week.

Glad you got to meet some people your family can relate to. Did you get to meet the Johnson family from St. Luke’s??