May 4, 2007

A Post By Greta

I must start by saying that I have never been allowed to write on this blog, so this is my chance to shine. I will admit that Jason is exceptionaly good at writing, and I could never do half as good job as he has does, but here I go.

This journey has been the most painful (mostly the early birth and the NICU expierience), yet rewarding experience of my life. Where and when else would I have ever met these amazing 3 souls?
  • Niklas - the bravest and strongest little human being we will ever know
  • Gabbie-"Boomba" as we call her, whose love for food and sleeping amazes me everyday
  • Lukas- the "little guy", whose curiousity for the surrounding world and smile are so big and wide that it takes over his whole face
I have always said that everything happens for a reason and this is no ecxeption. I feel in a way that we were chosen for this and that it is very special. The folllowing list was compiled by me sometime in January during the hardest and darkest days when all 3 were still in the NICU.
Here was my realization of what HAPPINESS is...
  • Having our babies home minus all the cords and the machines
  • Having our dog Floyd lick our faces after over 2 months of separation
  • Realizing once again that I have married my best friend and a soul mate
  • Knowing that we are nothing without our families
  • Having our friends to help us along the way
  • Seeing our parents hold their grandchildren for the first time
  • Having faith to guide and comfort us along the way
  • Knowing that our lives have been changed for the better
  • Finally sorting out what is most important in life
Since Lukas got the spotlight on the last post, I have included pictures of Niklas and Gabbie taken by me which I believe reflect their true personalities...:)


Anonymous said...

Greta -

What a nice post... Reading that post tonight made me feel really good and happy. Niklas, Boomba and Lukas are so great and Ben and I are already looking forward to the day when we get to have them over for sleepovers!!

I love the pictures, the one of Niklas especially touched me!

I love all six of you, of course including my boyfriend Floyd, very much.


Anonymous said...

Those are the most beautiful pictures Gretie, please send me copies! You definately managed to capture all of their personalities. I'm glad to see that you have such an appreciation for the simple things in life. It's amazing what these babies have been through, along with you and Jason. We're so glad to finally have everyone settled and healthy. Please give lots and lots of smooches to babies for me. Adam says as soon as they can walk he's going to send all three of them hockey sticks. Watch out!

Love Auntie Sarah and Uncle Adam

Joe & Leslie said...

Beautifully said Greta...

Love your friend,


Hanselman Family said...

What wonderful pictures! May the Lord continue to bless your family.

Anonymous said...

well, let me start by saying what a beautiful story you wrote. It touched my heart, especially the part where you couldn't wait to see the grandparents hold the babies. I hope you feel that you have met all those goals.

And let me add that I also loved those pictures. What beautiful grandbabies I have!

Love granny

Kevin said...


What a nice way to put everything. You are a wonderful mother and friend.

Much Love,

Susie said...

Greta, I am SO glad that Niklas is doing well after this last surgery. I really enjoyed your thoughts about what happiness is. I know that in many ways what you and Jason have been through will give you the strength and patience to get thru the years ahead and that no matter how tough they may be, that you will still feel blessed to be going thru it with your little angels.

Susie Treber,
Friend and Mom of quads

Anonymous said...

Your gift for photography is just awesome. Of course, you have beautiful subjects to photograph! Life takes on a whole new meaning when you have been through "the furnace". Everything seems to become sweeter and the simple things seem to be extra precious! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

This sunday is the celebration of motherhood. You wrote exactly what that is about in your post. It is, I believe the best thing you could do with your life.
The ultimate expression of love. Best to you all!
Sara P

Anonymous said...


I don't normally post, but I did want to let both you and Jason know that I check frequently to get an update. That was a beautiful post and I am so happy to hear the sun is shining brighter and brighter as time goes by.

Your Friend,