May 30, 2007

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Yesterday was back to work and business as usual, or at least as usual as life can be with triplets. The thing is, our babies are so good that it completely amazes me. I know, everyone thinks their kids are great, but that is not what I am saying. These guys rarely cry, they sleep through most nights, take good naps, eat well (except for Lukas sometimes) and are full of smiles. They never get sick of me making a "boop" noise and tapping them on the nose. They light up every time they see us. Yes, Having three babies is 3x feeding, 3x laundry, and 3x diapers, but other than that it is not that bad. We have days where we are exhausted and feel like the world is crashing down, but I think every parent has that. We do have the worry of potential shunt malfunction nagging the back of our consciousness, but if that happens we know the protocol.

We both think the key is a mellow household. We have always kept tried to keep our house calm and quiet. Floyd (our nut case Springer Spaniel) has always tried to buck that trend, but for the most part we keep things low key. I noticed recently that the babies are calmer when the tv is off and music is playing instead. We enjoy watching our t.v. shows and movies, but we have come to the conclusion that television is not good background noise. In fact, I think it stresses everyone out and creates anxiety. I thank God everyday for the way these babies are progressing and for giving us such even tempered children. I think after all we have been through, that it is a very nice gift.

The picture is of the triplets with our friends Brandon and Melissa's son Brett. It's crazy to think that he is technically only 2 months older than our babies. He looks like he's ready to start kindergarten compared to them. Up until Lukas got off of oxygen, we have been very conservative about allowing visitors, especially during an extended RSV season. Now that all of that is behind us, more people have been coming to visit. If you'd like to come see the trio, drop us an email or give us a call, we love having visitors.


chris said...

Good stuff brotherton. Inspiring. Maybe I would be a little calmer if I turned off the TV?

Keep up the good work.


Hanselman Family said...

WOW! They look like 3 babies. Not triplets that came into the world SO sick! How great! And how wonderful that they are suck good babies! The Lord knew you two need a break.

Amie & I would love to come & see them. [You know Gary…. He doesn’t do the baby thing.] BUT, Amie now has Pink Eye. If it’s not one thing it’s another! We will probably have to wait until they make it up to the cottage. =(

Kevin said...

hey j,

just let us know when you are free. we would love to meet the babies for the very very first time ever. who is this floyd character that you are always talking about? we would also enjoy meeting him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending Tim the part about turning off the TV. I'm with you on that one! You have beautiful babies! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

I miss the babies and can't wait to visit them with my friends on Sunday. Not so sure we can keep the noise down....five middle age women can make a lot of cackling noises around babies. But they'll have a lot of hands to hold them.
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

All the babies are sooo cute! You guys are doing such a great job. We are overwhelmed just thinking about the bun in our oven. Patrick and i would love to come over soon. Just let us know a Sat/Sun that would be good sometime soon.