May 25, 2007


I have been on vacation since Wednesday afternoon and it has been wonderful. I have done nothing except hang out with my wife and babies the whole time, and I am loving every minute I am getting to spend with these guys. I am also realizing that my wife is truly a saint, as taking care of the triplets all day long is quite a chore.

Wednesday afternoon we piled everyone, including Floyd, into the car and headed to Gallup Park. It was the first time since the babies have been home that we have gone somewhere for non medical reasons. We really wish we could have joined everyone up in Cadillac this weekend, but we are not quite there yet. The babies have been absolute angels and still are sleeping through the night. In fact, we took a "family nap" today on our bed and we all slept for about an hour and a half. This evening our friends Steve and Jenny baby sat for about an hour while we snuck out to the corner restaurant for some Mexican food and a margarita. Our life is becoming normal and fun again. It seems like things have been scary since last October when we started making emergency trips to the hospital. It's so nice that those times are getting farther and farther behind us.

The triplets are really starting to turn into little people. Up until recently they have been these fragile little creatures that were not quite ready to be in the world yet and were trying to heal from the battle they had been through. Over the past few weeks, the medical equipment has disappeared, the smiles have become more frequent, and the babies have transformed into happy little children. There is still always a little worry in the back of our heads regarding Niklas and his shunt, but he looks so great and is so attentive that those worries are becoming less and less.


Joe & Leslie said...

It was so nice to finally met the litte angels and seeing you two saints. Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me!

Hanselman Family said...

None of the Delventhals went up to the cottage this weekend either, & none of us have a baby to blame it on! As for us, Gary had to work in the Village of Clinton & I am still laid up with my frozen shoulder, so I would not have been much help putting in the dock!

It’s so nice to hear you sound like a real family and we do look forward to hanging out with [you two &] the babies at the cottage.

Niklas & his shunt are still in our prayers.

Kevin said...

did you say the word "little" and "back of your head" in the same sentence?