May 21, 2007

Happy 5 Month Birthday!

Today was huge. After 2 months, we said goodbye to Irena. We are so lucky to have the families we have, as we have had constant help since the babies came home. My mom is here to help with the transition until Wednesday, at which point we will be on our own. In a way, it will be somewhat nice to begin this new phase and have some alone time together as a family. On the other hand, it was very sad to see a grandma leave today. Both sets of grandparents have transformed our household while they were here. Here is a list of some of things they have done...
  • Nurtured 3 babies on oxygen
  • Cooked and brought us food
  • Walked our dog
  • Assembled cribs
  • Did our laundry
  • Hauled away dirty diapers and our trash
  • Helped us through surgeries
  • Filled our yard with trees and flowers
  • Planted our back lawn
  • Cut and chopped about 3 face cords of wood
  • Built a composter
  • Repaired countless things in the house
  • Let us sleep
  • Moved appliances
  • Bought many toys and presents

We cannot thank both sets of grandparents enough, and I don't think we could have better families. We couldn't have done this without them. They say that when you have kids you gain a greater appreciation for your parents, and that is definitely true.

In even bigger news, Lukas lost his oxygen today. For the first time, Greta and I are experiencing a life with our babies free from any medical equipment. In fact, the pulmonologist doesn't even want to see us anymore because the trio is doing so well. Today Gabbie weighed in at 13 lbs 6 oz., Niklas was 11 lbs 11 oz, and Lukas is up to 9 lbs 10 oz. That's almost 35 lbs. of baby (we started at under 8).

Since we were already at St. Joes, we decided to swing by the NICU to show off a little bit. Although I don't miss the hospital experience at all, I do miss the nurses and staff at the NICU. It must be such a rewarding experience for them to see the babies that they once cared for come back looking happy and healthy. I would never wish for the experience that we have had, but I wouldn't change anything either.

Walking around with triplets in a stroller is about the closest to a rock star that I have ever been. I have learned to push the stroller fast and walk with my head down. It's not that I don't want to talk to people and show off my babies, but every person on the street wants to talk. By the way, if you ever run into anyone on the street with multiples, please avoid saying "You've got your hands full". Greta and I both are really over hearing that one. There is nothing I enjoy more right now than having my hands full of babies. Nonetheless, I never get sick of showing them off.


Anonymous said...

How great to have Lukas off oxygen!! While your transition time will be difficult at first I am excited for the 5 of you to be able to settle into your own routine of being a family - you guys will do great I am sure.

Hoping to see the little ones soon, remind me to not do my arm exercises first because it seems that holding them will be exercise enough.

Auncle Bemily

Julie said...

Congratulations on no more oxygen!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I asked Mackenzie what to write after I read her the blog and she said, "Wow. Just write wow." (She also wants to know if you can bring the babies up to the cottage on Friday. :^) Lisa D.

Hanselman Family said...

How GREAT! It is always great to read good news!

As for that picture……

That would have been one to keep, showing a girl [boy] friend some day.

And a job interview “Yes, I had a naked picture of me on the Internet….”

Ieva(from lithuania) said...

Happy 5 month birthday babies!It's always nice to hear good news from my little cousins:)