April 25, 2007

More Adjustments Necessary

When I got home from work tonight, I examined Niklas and noticed that his fontanelle was more concave than yesterday. Just to be safe, I made a call to U of M neurosurgery and they said that this overdrainage was their intended result. If his shunt was on this low resistance setting and the fluid was not draining, then there would really be a major issue. Apparently, they fully expected to be doing an adjustment soon. I know that someday all of this will be behind us, but right now it feels never ending and that my kid is part of some crazy science experiment. This poor little man has been through more in his 4 months of life than my wife and I have in our entire lives. Tomorrow should be easy, as they will use the magnetic remote to adjust the resistance of his shunt.

In lighter news, Gabbie is now 11.5 lbs and we now must watch here caloric intake. She went from a starving little preemie fighting for her life, to a complete butter ball. Niklas is about 10 lbs and Lukas is around 8lbs. That's almost 30 lbs of baby when we started with less than 8! Just for the record, Greta was 28.5 lbs at 1 year of age and her nickname was kukulis (little meatball). It appears that Greta has successfully cloned herself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Greta/Jason - These kids picked some great parents. The rewards of what you are doing are so huge. Greta, this is not the forum I would pick to chat, I really miss seeing you, but wanted to say that I think of you often. The babies progess is outstanding! Being the person you are, I would not have thought otherwise. Fondly, SaraP

Hanselman Family said...

I can’t tell if you [Jason] are talking about your wife fondly or if she is beating you in the background! BUT cloning you two is a good thing! Three sweet, wonderful people is a good thing!

We are still praying for Niklas and his poor little head. As for Gabby, Mari Lee is probably scoping her out for her softball team.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record; Jason had such fat cheeks that from the side you couldn't see his nose. When he was a toddler he could barely run because his legs were so short and fat. But everyone always remarked what a pretty baby he was, and he was always good natured. I love chubby babies and as long as they don't show up on the Maury Povitch show, who cares?
It says a lot about these babies to see where they have come from. Remember the joy when they reached 3 lbs? And good for Nick for responding so well and bless his heart for all he has gone thru. Please pray that tomorrow that we can get at least 2 babies off oxygen. Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Everyone STILL remarks on how "pretty" Jason is


Anonymous said...

That Maury Povich comment made me bust out laughing (that or Jerry Springer) I think you're safe with Maury because his shows are always about, "the test results are in and the father of little Johnny is....."

I can't wait to see you guys and the whole family!