April 20, 2007

Yet More Surgery Scheduled

Yesterday we had planned for an all day event for Niklas's CAT scan, since that seemed to be the case last time. He was scheduled for the scan at 8:00 a.m., and analysis sometime in the afternoon. I was going to meet Greta at the hospital around noon to avoid taking the whole day off of work just to wait around. Greta called me around 11:00 a.m. to let me know that the doctor thinks that Niklas's shunt is not functioning optimally. They are not sure what the problem is at this point, but it seems as though it is not draining enough. His ventricles aren't really increasing in size, but they aren't really getting any smaller either. In addition, the little hole on the top of his head where his temporary Macomb Reservoir was is still filled with fluid and should have been draining a little more by now. This kind of took the wind out of our sails a bit since everything was going so well at this point. In fact, the babies almost slept through the night last night (they made it until 4:00 a.m.). Please pray that Niklas's surgery goes well, that his recovery is speedy, and that the details of this shunt system are ironed out.


Anonymous said...

I hope that people are still reading this blog because we need your prayers again. Please pray for Niklas's quick recovery and that he will not have to set foot inside an operating room for a long time. He deserves a rest. We all love him so much. Granny

Sue Currie said...

Jason, Greta and Granny - John and I will continue to read the baby blog - We feel that these little ones are part of our lives after reading their stories since they were born. Our prayers continue for all of you, with special attention for Niklas at this time.

Anonymous said...

I, too, read this blog regularly. We are praying for Niklas and all of you! Lisa Davis

Anonymous said...

Lots of Prayers for all the babies, especially little Niklas who's been through more in 4 months than most people have in their entire lives. We love you babies!

Love Auntie Sarah and Uncle Adam

Hanselman Family said...

PRAYERS? You are the parents of TRIPLETS! There are many that will never stop praying for you just based on that fact! First off, us parents that did it one at a time!

You are DEFINITELY IN OUR PRAYERS and Mom [Doris] WILL BE RIGHT THERE in her Prayer Chair!

Anonymous said...

Jay and Greta,
You guys are doing a phenominal job! Amazing! My prayers continue to reach out to Nicklas and lift him up for strength.

Julie Miller said...

I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of all 5 of you. :) My thoughts and prayers are with Niklas today. He is a strong little boy and I know he will do well. Thanks again for the picture of the triplets - it keeps me going through the day at work while it hangs in my cube!

Anonymous said...

Greta and Jason.

Thinking of you and sending prayers that Nick's shunt just needs a little adjustment. Hang in there! The babies has done well so far, I am sure this will continue.

Judy Stark

Anonymous said...

I pray that Niklas surgery went well and that he will continue to improve and stay out of the hospital. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Greta and the babies always.

Love Aunt Nancy