April 14, 2007

A Visit From The Aunts

On Wednesday, my Sister, Sarah arrived from Hoyt Lakes Minnesota which is somewhere between Duluth and the North Pole. If you have ever seen the movie North Country, that is the actual town that she lives in with her future husband, Adam. It's way up North, and it gets a little cold sometimes, but it sure is beautiful and they spend the summer tinkering around on a lake that is virtually untouched (Something you have to drive pretty far to see in Michigan). In fact, Adam gets a little upset if he even sees another human being on the lake. Hopefully, we will be able to get up there soon to visit them. In the meantime, Sarah has been ironing out the details of her wedding which will take place on July 19th, 2008 in Lansing.

We have had different combinations of Sarah, my Mom, my Dad, and my Sister-in-Law Emily here since Greta's parents headed for California last Monday. We have been very lucky having overnight help ever since Gabbie came home in February. All in all, it's been a pretty uneventful week except for the fact that Niklas all of the sudden wants to be held all of the time. As soon as he is put down, he spits out his binky and starts crying. Yesterday, he was almost inconsolable, but seems to be in a much calmer mood today.


Hanselman Family said...

Wahoo! There is nothing better than being an aunt! You can hold them all you want and give ‘em back when they trash their diaper!


Anonymous said...

What pretty aunts those babies have! You all look like you could be on a TV show. I was out of commission for while - Easter bunny bought us a new computer. Too bad he left the bill with it. I have to fight Mitchel for time on it. I absolutely love all the blogs and getting caught up! Lisa D.

Amy Fawn said...

Everyone looks amazing! I cannot wait to have my turn holding the little cherubs!