March 5, 2007

Day 74

In the beginning of this whole ordeal, we were told to expect the triplets to come home around their original 40 week due date (March 14th). It looks like that prediction is going to be pretty accurate. We are expecting Lukas to come home sometime this week and hopefully Niklas to within a week a Lukas. The only thing holding Niklas back at this point is the protein levels in his spinal fluid which are stubbornly hovering just above what we want. Greta and I have been without Grandma since Saturday, and although her help is much appreciated, one baby is cake. It seems like people love to tell you how difficult having a child is and how little sleep you get. I think between Greta and I mentally preparing for the worst, experiencing what we have since these babies were born, and living 4 years with the world's worst (but also best) dog, having little Gabbie at home has been a cinch. We are definitely ready for another baby to come home. It looks like that dog of ours may finally be coming home as well. Our friends the Edwards family have graciously taken care of Floyd for us since the 21st of December when the babies were born. We are so appreciative, especially since Floyd is not the easiest dog to care for sometimes, and has also been sick for the past week or so. We both are very, very attached to Floyd and couldn't be more thankful to the Edwards family for taking good care of him. Below is a picture of the boys who reached out and held hands while I was holding them yesterday.


Kevin Currie said...

Those guys rock! Can't wait to see my old buddy floyd again. I wonder if he has been dreaming about my leg???

Anonymous said...

Been missing everyone and can't wait to hold Gabbie again. The picture is so cute! Hopefully our good luck will continue when Lukas comes home. I'm gearing up for the challenge.


Anonymous said...

The boys are playing patty cake! Such a sweet picture. I love you babies!

Auntie Sarah

Hanselman Family said...

They are so sweet.

You go boys!

You need to show them that picture after they have beaten each other to a pulp when they are in Middle School. “...AND I WANT YOU TO SHACK HANDS! JUST LIKE THAT!”

Carrie Socia said...

It doesn't get any sweeter than that! Happy to hear that things are still moving in the right direction!

Hugs & Kisses!