March 31, 2007

Gabbie Has A Cold

When you are a new parent, everything is a big deal. You feel like calling the doctor for every minor thing. With preemies it's even worse. Yesterday, Gabbie started coughing a little bit. Nothing deep or too persistent, but she is coughing and sneezing. With a full term baby, you would just write this off as a cold. However, with 28 weekers we have to be watching out for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). RSV is a very common respiratory infection that almost all babies get before they are 2 years old. Premature babies or those with lung or heart problems have a high risk of getting very sick if they catch RSV early in life. This is because premature babies do not have fully developed lungs, and the triplet's lungs are still healing from the trauma they incurred from having respiratory distress syndrome. Also, because the triplets were born early, they may not have received antibodies from Greta that help them fight off RSV and other viruses. As a result, our babies have been receiving Synagis shots to help prevent them from getting RSV and to reduce the severity of it if they do. Nonetheless, everything is a little scarier with a premature infant. Every cough and sneeze plant the seeds of worry that a stay in the hospital is on the horizon. We are just praying that it is just a common cold that will pass within a few days. I thought once we left the NICU that our days of worry were over, but I have now realized that my days of worry have just begun. Maybe I will be able to rest easy in another 25 years or so.


Anonymous said...

you're 33 and I still worry about you. What makes you think it will stop in 25 years? It's worth it though. Keep taking good care of the babies. I know they are in good hands with you and Greta and her mom and dad. LOve granny

Anonymous said...

Jason are you going to start making the babies wear helmets and life jackets everytime they go outside? You definately have inherited some of mom's genes. Can't wait to see you guys in a week!

Love Auntie Sarah

Beth said...

If you didn't worry, then we'd be worried. Worrying is a parent's job - listen to your gut and trust it. ~Beth

Anonymous said...

I remember wanting to bathe in and gargle with Purell before going to see Steve while he was in the hospital and when he got home! I'm not usually a germ freak but I felt like I was a walking germ! It gets better as the kids get older but I know my parents still lose sleep over things Steve and I go through. Actually, it is kind of a neat feeling knowing there is someone out there that cares so much about us! We'll pray that this cold passes quickly! Lisa Davis

Hanselman Family said...

We are all fighting off colds or Strep. My Mom just called and said she wished she had a Mommy to call so thank the Lord you have Grata's and your's so close. Snuggle up out of the cold & snow that’s coming.
Cadillac is under a Snow Storm Warning.
Prayers for everyone’s health!