March 25, 2007

The First Walk

Yesterday it was close to 70 degrees, so we seized the opportunity to go for a walk. I lugged the stroller up from the basement and set it up in the garage. We got all three babies dressed, changed them over to their portable oxygen tanks and plopped them in the stroller (our monster stroller has room for 3 tanks with room to spare). At that point, I realized that the tires in our triple jogger were flat and none of the three bike tire pumps that I owned were the right kind. So, it was off to the neighbors to hunt for a standard bicycle pump. Once I inflated the tires to their recommended pressure, it was time for pictures. Finally, after about an hour and 1/2 we were both so tired we contemplated calling it a day and putting everyone back to bed. Instead, we headed out for a nice long walk and enjoyed the day. As soon as the stroller was set in motion, all 3 were blissfully passed out. Life felt normal.


Hanselman Family said...

What a wonderful family picture. Glad you enjoyed the day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, "normal" is sooooo good! Is that your house in the background? Looks like you have plenty of room for 3 kids and a dog! Lisa D.

Indre said...

Super nuotraukele :)))))))))
Liepiau mamai visus nuo manes isbuciuot. Tikiuosi ji taip ir padarys :)))

Carrie Socia said...

This picture is priceless... you even have the dog! Good for you guys... the nice weather should help so you can go for an occasional stroll. I was always out pushing Jacob, for awhile it seemed like that was the only place he would take naps :-)

Thanks for sharing!