March 22, 2007

Easter Pictures

Yesterday was the Triplets 3 month birthday, and they have come such a long way in that time. Yesterday Gabbie weighed in at 8lbs 4oz, Lukas at 5lbs 4oz, and today Niklas weighed in at 7lb 9oz. Thats over 21 lbs of baby! Lukas is growing at a little slower rate than he should be, but eventually he will catch up. We have increased the volumes of his feedings to help him out a little bit. Niklas's shunt is also healing up very well and it's easy to see how it will vanish in the long run. Time is already going so fast as Gabbie has been home for 4 weeks, Lukas for over 2 and Niklas for 1. Over the weekend, Greta decided she was going to dress the babies up all cute for Easter pictures and some of the results are posted here. In the top picture it's Niklas, Gabbie and Lukas from left to right. The 3 pictures below are in the same order from top to bottom.


Anonymous said...

You have mighty cute bunnies! I want to know if anyone opens this entry and does NOT say, "AWWWW!" What an Easter gift you have. BTW, Steve just had his anniversary for 2 years with new lungs yesterday! Lisa D.

Amy Fawn said...

Oh my goodness...what beauties! I feel so choked up looking at these latest pics...all of you have come such a long way from the day when Greta showed up in my lab & placed a file folder on my bench beaming with her gorgeous grin (she was about to let me know that she was having babies-3 of 'em!)...isn't life truly precious & amazing.

daverichards said...

These are absolutely beautiful photos...thanks for sharing them...and well as Easter is round the corner i'd like you to visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and share some of the spirit and fun it's filled up with!!!

Kevin Currie said...

Dude, didn't you dress like that last easter!!!?

Andy said...

Great pictures, really great to see them all together at home!

Keep up the great work Mom and Dad.

Carrie Socia said...


It was wonderful seeing you tonight... you made my day :-) You are an amazing women & you are doing an amazing job (you too Jason). Looking forward to seeing these lil' bunnies soon... Easter is near & dear to my heart - Jacob was born on Easter so we've always called him our little bunny!

Hugs to all... great pictures!