March 2, 2007

Happy (Belated) 10 Week Birthday!

We are now in the double digits as far as weeks are concerned, and although everyone is doing fine, we are getting impatient for the boys to come home. They are getting better at their feedings little by little, and it's only a matter of time before they come home. Hopefully it will be sometime in the next couple weeks. Gabbie had an eye doctor appointment today and her eyes are doing great, and so is she. She continues to be a very content baby, making our lives much easier because of it. Tonight I went to the NICU after work and fed Lukas. He had been doing well all day on his feedings, nursing and taking the bottle very well. However, when I fed him his bottle tonight he choked and got tired out, which is very discouraging. Sometimes you feel like it's your fault, that maybe you are holding them wrong or feeding them incorrectly. This is the type of thing that has to stop before they are allowed to come home, so you can't help feeling disappointed when it happens. Patience has never been a virtue of mine. Here is a picture of the boys in their vibrating bouncy seat taking a nap together in the NICU.


Ben & Emily Myers said...

Hoping to see you guys tomm!


Uncle Ben and Aunt Emily

Hanselman Family said...

As my Dad would have told you, “Persevere, this too shall pass!”

I, too, use to feel it was my fault when Wendie had trouble feeding, because of her Low Gag Tolerance, and had everyone around me telling me how to… holed her, hold the bottle, burp her…… She wasn’t diagnosed until she was over one.

Persevere, this too shall pass! The boys will be home before a couple of weeks and you’ll forget how things were while they were in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

That bouncy thing looks comfy...where can I get one?

-Auntie Sarah

Carrie Socia said...

I love this pictures!