March 14, 2007

The Original Due Date

Today is the day that the Triplets should have been born had they been a normal singleton birth. But that's of no consequence since Greta and I never do anything the "normal" way. That would be too boring. It's been harder to update the blog every day due to the fact that our days are now wonderfully action packed. I fully intend to keep going with this until these guys are old enough to comprehend it and see what they went through. Niklas was moved back to St. Joseph Mercy on Monday, and I went up to spend some time with him last night after work. The kid looked absolutely awesome. I sat there and talked to him and his eyes nearly popped out of his head in excitement. He was so alert. I admit that I am a gifted conversationalist, but Niklas has never looked so good. He ate over 100cc's while I was there in a combination of nursing and the bottle, and at this rate it looks like he should be home within a week. I have just started to master the dexterity necessary to feed 2 babies at once, 3 should be interesting. Similar to juggling I would imagine.


Anonymous said...

Why is dad trying to poke her in the eye? P.S. Kevin: Big win for scUM in the NIT yesterday!! Go Blue!!


Julie said...

Jason - as long as feeding three babies doesn't include tape/velcro, I think you are good! I'm glad to see that Niklas is doing so well and I can't wait to see all three babies!

Kevin Currie said...

Uncle Ben, perfect timing for these triplets to be born. of course we couldn't have this forum during football season. did you see those idiots with firejohnl painted on their chests @ the northwestern game? also, jason said i get Niklas, since his ties with UofM hospital. that kid is gonna be decked out in maize and blue this fall. good luck with izzo's final run @ msu this year. i heard he's coming to coach UofM next season.

Hanselman Family said...

Jason, what a wonderful picture of you and the baby. You can not even tell this whole this has shave years off your life. Hope to be able to see all of you in one spot soon.

Anonymous said...

Today is Mackenzie's 10th birthday. (Finally. We've been celebrating for a week with all the "parties".) I remember March 14, 1997 well as we got to drive to the hospital (twice, as she was stubborn and didn't want to come out the first time) in a huge March ice storm. We are so glad you are keeping the blog up as well as you are! We love the updates and all of the pictures! Tim is in week 7 of the police academy and is sitting here with ice on his calf as he hurt a tendon/ligament the other day. He has some sexy black support socks on which look great with his work-out shorts! So happy to hear about Niklas! And I remember having to talk to Steve when he couldn't respond. Nancy looked at me and said, "You talk. You're good at that." I went to speak and by golly, for the first time in my life I couldn't think of anything to say! I think that is the day we sent Floyd in to tell Steve about the tire rotation and oil change he had done on his car!

Anonymous said...

Grandma (the Mary one)-----perhaps you can locate the referee slash priest you cussed out that infamous day in Owosso back in the day to perform the baptism ceremony.

Steve said...

It's nice to hear more and more
good news. We're thinking of you guys all the time. You're going to need a nice vehicle to transport
the whole gang together. A new
Escalade would be nice,( get grandpa Myers on that).
Before you know it you'll be chasing those kids all over the place.

Happy St. Patricks Day

Steve Kandt