February 13, 2007

About 13 lbs Of Baby

The big news of the day is weight gain. Lukas is now 3 lbs, 7 oz, Niklas is 4 lbs 3 oz, and Fatty Boomba-Laddy is now 5 lbs 6 oz. Everyone is looking so good at this point, but there are still some hurdles to go. Niklas's last couple of brain scans have shown improvement and we should know within the next couple of weeks whether or not he needs a shunt placement. Lukas is being watched closely as he is showing signs of a hernia. When I look back at everything, it's hard to believe everything these babies have overcame so far. Here are some terms for your googling pleasure...

Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Multiple Pneumothorax (Hole in the Lung)
Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Heart Condition)
Multiple Blood Transfusions
Intraventricular Hemorrhage (Brain Bleed)
Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema (Lung Condition)
Group B. Strep ( Meningitis)

Indometacin (For PDAs)
Reservoir Placement (For Hydrocephalus)
Serial Lumbar Puntures (Spinal Tap)
Surfactant (For Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
Chest Tubes
Serial X-Rays
Brain Ultrasounds
Blood Transfusions
Multiple rounds of antibiotics

Feeding Tubes
Respirators (Both Conventional and Oscillating)
Isolettes (Incubators)
Oxygen/Heart Rate/Respitory Monitors
Phototherapy (For Jaundice)
Nasal Cannula
Picc Lines
There are probably things I am missing, but I wanted to compile a list so that I have a case when these 3 start asking for car keys. The single picture is of Lukas, you should be able to figure out the rest.


Kevin Currie said...


Anonymous said...

I love fat babies! Soon they'll be eatin' cans of cream corn!

Auntie Sarah

Julie said...

That is so great to hear! p.s. Jason, fatty is not a very nice term - I would maybe use 'pleasantly plump' :)

I am so happy for you guys!

Hanselman Family said...

JASON! You better watch what you say about that baby girl! Wendie holds it over her dad’s head that he called her “ET” in the Delivery Room.
It’s amazing the terms you learn hanging around a hospital.
(Mary call Doris.)

Anonymous said...

Or instead of fat use FLUFFY They look wonderfully healthy. Beautiful babies - can't wait to see them. Hope my sister got to hold Gabby today.

Love Aunt Nancy

Carrie Socia said...

Great news for all the babies! Glad they are continuing to gain weight... believe me, you want them to be "pleasantly plump." When they get home, hopefully they'll fill up those little bellies & sleep for you! Your Mom must have had the most amazing Day... there's nothing like watching your parents so proud holding their grandchildren. Greta must be feeling better - that's great new too! Keep it up & as always, thanks for sharing.