February 26, 2007

Day 67

The boys just keep on making tiny little bits of progress. They both did a little better on their feedings today, and that is really the only thing holding them back. Once they master feeding and demonstrate that they can do it without having any events, they will be ready to go home. Niklas had another brain scan today, and this time his ventricles looked slightly larger than last time, but these scans are somewhat subjective. This is really no big deal since the permanent shunt is pretty much a certainty. The last obstacle to proceeding with Niklas's final surgery is for his protein levels to drop below 250. Protein levels refer to the little particles of blood in the spinal fluid. They want the proteins to be below a certain level so that the risk of clogging the shunt is minimized. Gabbie continues to be a wonderful little baby at home. By the way, Lukas is not as short as he looks here. He is contracting his legs probably making a present for the nurses to clean up later.


Anonymous said...

Two little peas in a pod! I love it! Lukas is definately making a present...he looks like he is really concentrating. Glad to hear they are all doing so well. Give them kisses for me!

Auntie Sarah

Hanselman Family said...

The boys are cute! Lukas must be the nurses’ favorite if he makes them presents.

Happy Belated Birthday Greta!! We will have to celebrate at the cottage. Parties are always better up there!