February 22, 2007

Happy 9 Week Birthday!

Wow! Nine weeks. Has it really been that long? Over 2 months? It's really hard to believe that we have been going up to the hospital every day for the past nine weeks. The original estimate for the babies coming home was 10 weeks, and it looks like that is pretty close. Overall, they have made so much progress and are doing remarkably well. Tonight in the NICU I fed both Lukas and Gabbie their bottles, and each of them finished without a problem. Greta fed Niklas who also did well and had a very alert evening. He was just staring at everything with the most inquisitive look on his face. Tomorrow is a big day, Gabbie is still scheduled to come home, here is a picture of her preparation bath.


Amy Fawn said...

Awww...what a sweetie-pie! I am so eager to hold the little bundles of love...yippee!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to have one coming home! It won't be long and all 3 will be together again. Now you have to develop a new routine! One that has everyone home and Greta going stir crazy because she doesn't get out enough! What a great milestone. Mary, are your bags packed yet????
Judy Stark

Anonymous said...

I went to bed smiling last night thinking how beautiful Greta looks in the pictures as she has actually had time to shower and get dressed these last few weeks. Maybe she'll do better than I did (with only one at a time) but I remember the feeling of accomplishment I had when I at least had time to take a shower! (Usually at 9:00 at night!) I remember how I had to eat my sandwiches - I'd quick eat some meat, then take care of the baby. Back to get some cheese, then take care of the baby. Then I'd go back for the bread and think to myself that I actually ate a sandwich! Oh, the wonderfully busy days that are ahead for all of you! I'm so happy for all of you right now! Lisa Davis

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Gabbie! What a great (early) birthday present for mom!

Steve said...

We are so happy for all of you.
You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. You will have some
awsome stories to tell.
Steve Nancy & Kelsey

Julie said...

I am so happy for you both! If we don't get a chance to talk this weekend, have a Happy Birthday, Greta!

Anonymous said...

Look at that face! I can't wait to smooch it! Tell the babies I love them and can't wait to see them. Less than two months to go! Happy Birthday Gretie!

Love Auntie Sarah

Andy said...

What a great present to have a new family member coming home!

I'm very happy for you all.