February 2, 2007

The Gang's All Here!

Today Niklas was transported back to St. Joseph after his tour at U of M. He looked pretty good, although the area of his head where the reservoir was installed looked a little swollen. He is back on nasal cannula after spending some time on C-PAP after the surgery. Greta had called me earlier in the day all excited that Lukas and Gabbie were now in the same open air crib wrapped in the same blanket. Apparently Lukas just inquisitively stared at Gabbie for a couple of hours. There is a 50/50 chance that Lukas may have to go back in his isolette if he doesn't continue to gain weight on the outside. I got to spend time holding both Gabbie and Lukas tonight for their feedings, while Greta got to hold everyone for a good deal of time today. Anyway, we are both exhausted after a long week and I can't think of much more to say so here are some extremely cute pictures.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I posted today's comments on yesterday's blog. Beautiful babies! Beautiful family! Lisa D.

Kevin Currie said...

Great pics! Glad to hear about Niklas. That guy rocks! Did you have them do something with your head? Like father like son.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear good news on all three babies. Niklas is back where he belongs and hopefully he will be able to join Gabbie and Lukas in the crib. By the way, is Gabbie trying to punch Lukas in that last picture? He probably tried to dutch oven her!

Auntie Sarah

Hanselman Family said...

What cute pictures!! More for Amie’s locker! Sorry I missed Greta & Niclas @ the U but, HAY, that was a GOOD thing = the gang is all together! Mom [Doris] just keeps going, “Awww” when I read her your blogs.

Anonymous said...

so glad the babies are all together again. I can't believe how lucky we are to have these three babies. Can't wait to hold them and give them kisses. Thanks to THE U for all they did but glad to be back at St Joes.
Love granny

PS thanks to all Davis,Hanselman, Kandt, Delventhal,and Crandall families for their prayers and e-mails. I look forward to reading them. Thanks for keeping Doris and Arletha and Floyd informed.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures especially of Lukas and Gabbie in the same crib. How cute is it that Lukas just couldn't keep his eyes off Gabbie. I laugh every time of think of it. What must he be thinking? Hope Niklas continues to do good and look forward to the day they are all together - especially when they can all come home.

Love Aunt Nancy

Carrie Socia said...

Glad to see Gabbie, Lukas, & Niklas are back together again. Beautiful pictures! Hang in there... We're thinking of you!