February 14, 2007

A Visit From Grandma

Today my mom visited and spent theentire day hanging out with Greta in the NICU. She was the first person besides Greta and I to touch the babies and she took a turn holding each of them. Shortly after I arrived, the eye doctor showed up for examinations. The babies reallly hate this, so we stepped out while the exam was performed. Afterwards, we got the update from the doctor. Just to give you a bit of history, all of the babies eyes so far have been exactly where they should be with nothing to worry about. Tonight she says "Everything is still the same except Niklas's right eye which...". I totally expected the sentence to be finished with "is blind", "diseased", or "is going to have to be removed". But to my suprise she said "improved". So everyones eyes are good, but Niklas has one eye which is actually ahead of the curve, doing better than it should be. I swear this whole experience is like walking on pins and needles. Thank God for good news.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Grandma! I know how hard it has been to not hold your grandbabies. That little guardian angel of ours is looking over these babies. Hey, weren't these guys orginally due mid-February? Well see, Mary, you and Gabbie are right on schedule!

Won't be long and everyone will be home and then Granny can really start spoiling these babes.

Judy Stark

Amy Fawn said...

Look at grandma's happy grin! It is wonderful to see the babies thriving...love the fatty boomba & those cheeks. Gorgeous babies!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day I had. I can't wait until they are home and I can hold them without any tubes or lines! Thanks to everyone who continues to pray for them. We have come so far; but we still have a ways to go, so continue to keep them in your prayers.
love granny

Anonymous said...

Granny looks so great holding her grandchild! Can't imagine her joy! Seriously, you are all incredible to devote so much time and love to these little guys. We will continue to pray for them and all of you. Gotta get my mom down here (after Regis and Kelly, of course) to see the recent pictures! Lisa Davis

Anonymous said...

Mary,so glad you were able to hold these precious little ones.... Happy to hear about the good progress these babies are making...what a blessing.....My thoughts are with all of you....
Adelle Falan

Hanselman Family said...

We think the babies look just like Mary. ;)

This is a picture that will be printed for Grandma D [Doris @ the cottage].

What a wonderful picture!

You go Niklas!


You are always in our prayers. Jason & Greta, for strength & confidence.

Anonymous said...

Just got the website from my mom... What amazing, beautiful babies. I hear Gabbie will be ruling over her brothers...keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers! Jamie (Pratt) Bird

Kevin Currie said...

Do you think Niklas's right eye will actually be an xray vision eye? If it is, I've got big plans for him. I'm thinking Vegas at the black jack table! Way to go Granny!

Anonymous said...

You and Greta are doing so great! It is a touching and bonding experience to be a Grandma in the NICU - I loved that time with my premee Grandsons.
Everyone at PTC is so connected with you in this roller coaster experience. Your positive attitude is working.