February 10, 2007

Day 50

Last night I got home from the NICU after 9:00 and didn't have the energy to post. It was the second night up there without Greta, so I fed all three of the babies by bottle. Lukas had a slightly harder time vs. the night before. He started off really strong, but then would spit back out everything he took in. Gabbie came very close to finishing her bottle, but left a couple of cc's behind. Niklas finished about half of his bottle (about 20cc's) which is double what he did the night before. The results of Niklas's brain scan were also better showing an overall improvement in the ventricles, but a slight increase in size (3.3 cm to 3.6 cm). However, I was told that this increase in size was not an apples to apples comparison and there really wasn't an increase. His last scan was taken right after they did the daily tap of his reservoir (removal of fluid), while this one was done right before. Hopefully Greta starts feeling better soon so that she can visit the babies. The top picture here is of Niklas, Gabriella is in the middle with Lukas on the bottom. I have also updated flickr and separated the newer photos from the older. Click on the flickr badge on the left side of the page to see them.


Elizaveta said...

the babies look AMAZING!!!

they look like they are really feeling better and getting good color. Nikolas looks llike he is getting ready to smile in the top photo. Gabbie is getting nice round cheeks.
i am so happy to see and hear that everything is well.
gretachka get better soon please.
i love you

Amy Fawn said...

I love the new photos on Flicker...the 'kids' look good. What are their weights now? Gabbie looks almost 'chubby' even tho she is just a little tiny thing...all in the cheeks I'm sure. Any personality changes going on yet? I am just so happy to see them all looking so well & gaining weight--they seem to be putting it on fast--it is wonderful! Please let Greta know that I think about her daily & hope she is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I love that every picture of Niklas shows him with his mouth wide open. I love you babies!

Love Auntie Sarah

Kevin Currie said...

Oh, look at me, I'm Jason, I have such a hard time without Greta. All the kids be actin' a foo!