February 17, 2007

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

After 58 days in the NICU it's starting to look like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone is doing great and all are eating well, especially Gabbie who continues to have a ferocious appetite . It's looking like Gabbie may come home in about a week barring any setbacks. It does, however, look like she will be coming home on oxygen. There's always the chance that she will make more progress this week and not need it. Niklas and Lukas are looking like they are 2 maybe 3 weeks behind their sister, so within a month we should have everyone at home. Thanks again to everyone who has been reading this and sending prayers and support, it has really meant a lot and helped us to keep a positive attitude.
I have become very adept at handling babies that are hooked up to a bunch of cables, and in this picture I was able to scoop up Lukas and Gabbie with no trouble.


Sue and Joh Currie said...

Jason and Greta - You have our admiration as well as our prayers. You have handled a very difficult situation with love and class. We are thrilled you are able to see the light and plan for the babies' homecoming. You are wonderful parents. We have great faith in the future of the Meyers family.
Sue and John

Anonymous said...

You all look pretty well considering the turmoil you have gone through the past couple of months. The babies look wonderful - you must be getting excited to think you will all be together at home soon. Won't it be great not to have to go to the hospital everyday. Dylan and Gabby have a lot in common - both really like to eat and they WANT IT NOW. I love seeing the pictures - makes me feel a small part of your family. Love you guys.

Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

Emily cries when she doesn't get to eat right away too! Anyway, happpy to here everything is going well!! By the way, why don't you get me a couple tickets to the State game in Ann Arbor on the 27th? I would love to see State blow out UM in Ann Arbor!!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute family! It won't be long till you are taking Christmas pictures with matching reindeer sweaters.

-Auntie Sarah