February 4, 2007

Reunited At Last

This weekend was a really good one. Gabbie got her first bath, and loved it. Everyone is breast feeding and the swelling from Niklas's surgery has gone down substantially. But the big news is that everyone was moved into the "Special Care Unit" today and put in the same crib. It is across the hall from where we were and while it is still the NICU, it is considered a step down unit and is a big milestone. Niklas is spaced a little ways from his rambunctious siblings so that he does not get hit on the head where his sutures are. Once we got in the new unit, Niklas and I took a nap together for about an hour or so.


Ben & Emily Myers said...

What great news!!! The best pic yet in our opinion!

E and B

Anonymous said...

What a great picture. You guys have three beautiful children. Thank God for all their accompishmens. We are so blessed. Let's pray for their contnued good health


Anonymous said...

Larry, Mo, and Curly look so cute together! Finally, all three babies back together again-I love it! We'll continue to pray that they grow stronger and healthier each day. Just remember, everyday is one day closer to having them home.

Auntie Sarah and Uncle Adam

Amy Fawn said...

What beautiful babies...they are looking like little cherubs--getting chubby cheeks & all! It is wonderful news about Niklas.

Jennifer said...

YIPPEEE! this is just great news. Keep the updates coming!


Anonymous said...

If anyone every questioned what love was about, it is summed up in these pictures . . .

Bless you guys,


Julie said...

That's wonderful news! They all look great! lots of love from the "GooglePlex" :)

Anonymous said...

How cute are they in their crib together. This is the best picture yet. Their little faces are just so sweet. Keep the good news coming

Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi Myers family! I'm keeping track of you from Florida. I am so happy you are all together again. Your website is great. Hope Lukas keeps his weight up so the crib works for everybody. Celebrate the move to Special Care. It's closer to the elevator!

Hope to see you soon. Try to stay warm. It's cool in Florida too.


AaronB said...

Hey Jason, good to see things continually improving. My best wishes to your wife and three little ones. Hopefully I'll see ya soon, so I can give ya a hug. Peace


Beth A. said...

Love this picture! Pretty soon they'll be starting that lovable 'multiple mayhem'!

~Beth A.

Carrie Socia said...

Love the picture... must be just amazing to see all three babies in the same crib... you could probably just stare at them for hours! Glad to hear things are moving right along... into the next room - now that's FANTASTIC news! Thanks for sharing!