January 19, 2007

The Conundrum That Is Niklas

From day one, Niklas has been a mystery. It's actually something I like about him, unpredictability means there lies within the ability to beat the odds. Niklas was the only one who came out of the womb crying, which is a great sign. He had the mysterious PIE (lung condition) that would just not go away, but suddenly did. And the past week has been no exception. Earlier in the week, his brain scan showed an increase in ventricle size after seemingly improving on the previous scan. As a result, serial lumbar punctures were administered in hopes of relieving the pressure. Today we were told that they found Group B Strep present in his spinal fluid. This is a very very serious form of meningitis. Greta and I were at our wits end. But here's the thing, the whole time the kid's vitals were fantastic. He was down to room air on his cannula (oxygen turned all the way down), his temperature was fine, he was eating well and exhibiting no signs of discomfort. In other words, he was showing no signs of infection! In addition, this infection was not initially present in the fluid, it sort of grew in a "petrie dish" over the course of a couple of days. So, they are not totally sure if the infection was there or not, but irregardless they started clobbering it with antibiotics before there was even an increase in white blood cells. So, there is part of me that thinks that this increase in ventricle size may have really been a blessing in disguise allowing the doctors to find something that they otherwise would not have found until symptoms started to appear. Another scan is going to be performed on Tuesday. If it is the same or a little better we will continue to watch. If it is worse, it may be time for a reservoir to be used to drain some additional fluid.

Today was a good day for the other two. We were told yesterday that Lukas may have a stomach infection, but X-Rays today showed improvements and he is going to start his feedings again tonight or tomorrow. Also, Gabbie breastfed for the first time today and knew exactly what to do! I wasn't there to see it, but Greta said it was amazing. She really is the show off of the group, especially since a 32.5 weeker should not even know how to suck or swallow yet.


Anonymous said...

Jason I'm glad to see your positive attitude has come back. Remember to have faith and stay strong! All three of these babies are miracles and never cease to amaze me. Take everything one day at a time and try to find good in the bad. I love you all very much and miss you tremendously!


Ben & Emily Myers said...

We are praying for good results on Tuesday's scan. Niklas is a fighter, just like his brother and sister, and we know that with prayer and support he will pull through.

In times like these the prayers and support of family/friends are necessary and please know the we are both there for you whenever...The Myers family is a close knit, loving family that together can help each other through any event. I am proud to be part of this family and even more proud of my nephews and niece.


Kevin Currie said...

As the adopted son that your parents never had (or wanted) I agree with Emily. She speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

Nick has been beating the odds since the day he was born and I have all the faith that he will continue to do so. I believe that his recovery so far has been completely due to the prayers of family and friends. We saw this with Steve who roller coastered much like Nick is doing. So everyone please continue with prayers.
And kevin you will always be like an adopted son to me. Thanks for your humor. I look forward to your e-mails. Jason is lucky to have a friend like you.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name. the above is from grandma Mary

Amy Fawn said...

All three babies are miracles & I am so happy to read about their amazing progress. You & Greta have shown great strength... definitely a big part of why the babies are doing so well. I believe they know when you are there & the time you spend holding them, and the many prayers that are being given in their honor--it does make a big difference. As a little side note--Floyd is doing great & everyone is healthy here (hope you're feeling better soon Jason) so when you need some Floyd time, just let me know...but please don't worry or fuss about any of the dogs--they're doing great! Much love to all of you, always!

Carrie Socia said...

Thanks for the update! This roller coaster has had it's ups & downs, but you guys continue to maintain a positive "can do" attitude which is so important. Those little ones can absolutely sense your vibes - they are so smart I tell you (especially Gabby :-) Keep us posted & please give all the babes a big warm hug & kiss from us (especially Jacob). We are thinking of all of you & saying our prayers!

Hanselman Family said...

Keep up the hard work! As we learned with the Kandt’s, another speed bump in the way of the finish line. Someday Niclas & Lukus, or maybe even Gabbie, will want to be driving at MIS. ;)


Anonymous said...

Jason & Greta

Everyone here in NC is praying for these little miracles especially for Niklas tomarrow. Sarah is right - the best advice anyone ever gave me is to live one day at a time. Enjoy every minute you can with them today and don't think about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomarrow as yesterday is gone and tomarrow may never come LIVE FOR TODAY and stay positive.

You guys are amazing and I know that God will see you both though this. Hang in there. We love you are you are all in our prayers everyday.

Love Aunt Nancy