January 16, 2007

Slow and Steady

I haven't posted in a few days, but no news is definitely good news. I am a little bummed because today will be the second day that I haven't visited the NICU. I started feeling a little bit funny yesterday and didn't want to visit if I was coming down with something. Behold, today I am sick as a dog, and am getting all of my updates through Greta. At this point, Niklas and Gabbie are on full time cannula and Lukas is still going back and forth between cannula and C-PAP. The other day when we were visiting Niklas had a drop in his body temperature and we started to get that feeling as if we were about to go down another hill on the rollercoaster, but he recovered nicely. Hopefully I will have some more pictures here soon, I can't believe this whole NICU adventure is approaching the one month mark. We are starting to think that there is a light at of the end of the tunnel here. On Sunday night my mom came down and helped us finish the nursery, and its really starting to feel like it will be full soon.


Kevin Currie said...

Thanks for the update. Especially on your situation. We are all worried about you and your cold.

Greta said...

Thanks Kev, I didnt know I had a another "baby" at home...:)


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys! Give babies and JJ a kiss for me Gretie!


J.J. Patterson said...

Hello. Leslie sent me the information about you and your babies. You have our love and prayers that you get to take them home soon.
Send us a note if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason: a little alka seltzer and a hot shower should do the trick! You big pansy!!!