January 30, 2007

The Trio Separated

Today Niklas was transferred to UM, his surgery will be either tomorrow or Thursday morning. Although Greta and I are very confident that everything will go well, it is a little sad to think that Niklas is separated from his brother and sister and all alone. I did not go to the NICU tonight as I needed to get home to catch up on some things (snowy driveway, trash, laundry), and I needed a little break as well. We are really praying that this surgery is uneventful, and that there are no complications after the fact. Now for the good news. It appears that Gabbie is approaching 4lbs and Lukas is getting close to 3lbs. Niklas was not weighed today, but we are assuming he is equal to or greater than Gabbie in size. Every time I see the little guys they look a little "porkier" to me. I can't wait to see them all tomorrow. Also, the head scans for Lukas and Gabbie came back perfect which was a huge relief.


Jennifer said...

gigi -

let me know if you need anything from us tomorrow. dinner or company at the hospital. i just got in from out of town and am around.

love you both.


Anonymous said...

Loving Father, we entrust our baby to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed, and that our baby be restored to soundness of health.

Auntie Sarah

Ben & Emily Myers said...

Much love from Jamaica to our nephews and niece! All the way from here you are in our prayers, especially Niklas! Can't wait to see Gabbie in open air, what a blessing!

Ben and Emily

Hanselman Family said...

I should be around the hospital on Thursday, so check your email for my cell #. If you need ANYTHING CALL! Mari Lee also has been hanging out there with me. [I think she has a crush on a surgeon of Steve’s, which is now on Gary’s sisters case.] They take good care of ‘em at the U. Niklas should be fine. Our prayers are with you. Amie has started hanging the babies’ pictures in her locker at school. She tells everyone how sick they are & “orders” them to pray for them!

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Niklas had his shunt put in today and that all went well. Thank God I will keep praying that all continues to go well for him and that he is back with his brother and sister very soon.

It was good to see Gabbie in her crib - she looks so good. Sounds like Lukas is doing well too - keep those pounds coming so you can get these babies home where they belong.

Love Aunt Nancy

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