January 29, 2007

Taking The Good With The Bad

First, all of the good news. Gabbie moved into an open air crib today and did great with it. She is nursing twice a day, taking 34cc's of milk every 3 hours and demanding more. Niklas also went to breast twice today. Lukas is on full time cannula, finally getting rid of his C-PAP. If it weren't for Niklas's brain scan, it would seem everything is going perfectly. However, today's scan showed a .5cm increase in ventricle size. Sometime on Thursday Niklas will have surgery to insert a reservoir to manage his post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus. This is a relatively routine procedure that will allow the doctors to "tap" the fluid every few days. Eventually, the fluid buildup could resolve on its own, but if it does not, he will have a permanant shunt installed to manage it. Both Greta and I have been prepared for this procedure for a while, but we both hoped things would resolve before it got to this point. Just after I got the news today, a highschool classmate emailed me and told me how her son went through the same procedure 2 1/2 years ago and is doing great today. It's always great to connect with people who are going through the same thing, and it really helped me to digest the news. In the picture you can see Gabbie's induction into the 3 lb club. Yes they spelled "Myers" wrong and no, her name is not hyphenated, but it's still a great achievement.


Elizaveta and Rocky said...

Gabbie looks wonderful.
we are glad parents are staying strong and babies are staying strong. we are always thinking of you and praying for you.Greta its the best thing you can do brestfeeding the children. they feel so close to you. we love you all.

Todd Cowan said...

Hey J,

I have been following the updates. Thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news for Gabbie, she looks so adorable. And, congrats to Lukas for getting off the CPAP and on to the cannula - he will be in an open air big boy bed in no time. I will continue to keep you all in our prayers - espicially Niklas.

Stay strong,
(Melissa's friend with twin preemies)

Anonymous said...

I totally remember when the doctor would come in to update us on Steve and there was ALWAYS bad news with the good. Nancy and I would feel ourselves focusing only on the bad and not even listening to the good. However, Marilee would chew us out for that and make us focus on the good and realize that the doctors always prepared us for the worse. I mean, we were told that Steve could have to live on a ventilator for the rest of his life! They said, "Some people can still live quality lives on the vent." Can you imagine him cruising around on a Harley while on a ventilator?! Yikes! That was a bad day for us and thank God that was not how things worked out. We will pray that Niklas' condition clears up on its own. Gabbie is sooo cute in the picture! We are so happy for the progress ALL of these little guys have made! Lisa Davis

Hanselman Family said...

Gabbie is a cutie! Her brother’s will have their hand’s full keeping THEIR friend’s from dating her!
Don’t worry about the spelling of names. A day doesn’t go by that the schools spell Amie or Wendie right or call them by the right name!
Our prayers are with you on Thursday. Give Niklas an extra wet kiss for us.

Anonymous said...

gigi and jason -

gabbie is completely adorable - already following her mom's fashion sense. i am praying for you guys everyday...