January 25, 2007


I would like to take a minute to mention how much Greta actually does with the babies on a daily basis. She usually gets to the NICU in the late morning and stays there often until 7, 8 or even 9 o'clock at night (close to 12 hours per day). She kangaroos each of the kids for a couple of hours each and breast feeds Gabbie twice. In between all of this she is changing their diapers, taking their temperatures, and constantly pumping milk for their feedings. I am so lucky to have such a great wife who actually loves doing all of this. When she gets home, she pumps more milk and then sets the alarm clock to wake up every 2 hours and pump some more.

When I arrived tonight, Greta was doing kangaroo with Niklas (2 of the pictures above), and the kid looks great. I sat down next to her and touched his face and he smiled! In fact, he smiled about 4 or 5 times which was so fantastic to see. He was so content, that his oxygen fell a few times because he was almost too relaxed.

Gabbie, on the other hand, was throwing a complete tantrum when I got there. She very deliberately pulled out her feeding tube while I was looking at her. She proceeded to pull out her oxygen. I put it back in. She screamed and yanked it out again. I put it back in, she yanked it out. I just placed my hands on the top of her and sort of restrained her, which caused her to instantly go to sleep. Somebody likes attention. Part of me wants her to stop doing that stuff, but another part of me loves it! Lukas was deep in thought tonight. Wide awake, but perfectly content just staring around. He spent over 6 hours straight on his cannula tonight, so he is making good progress. Everybody had a good day today. The other picture is of me holding Gabbie.


Kevin Currie said...

fast forward 15 years... "gabbie snuck out of her room last night and went to her friends house. i caught her and told her to get back up to bed. she did, then she snuck out again. what am i going to do with her?

niklas and lukas have mastered computer programming. they make me so proud with all of the code they can write. it's cool because no one but the 3 of us can understand it. everyone still thinks i'm a geek." -Jason

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures! Is it just me or is Gabbie's hair getting red?
I'm sure she is getting sick of the tubes and hopefully soon she won't need them anymore. Thanks for writing about Greta; can't say enough about all she does. She is a great mom and I'm sure their progress is due to her care and love. Can't wait to help.
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

I still don't know what conundrum means?