January 24, 2007

Still Waiting

Today was a good day for everybody. Lukas is spending a little bit more time off of the C-PAP, everyone is eating a little bit more, and things were relatively quiet. Today, the Doctors from the St. Joseph NICU delivered the film of Niklas's brain scan to the neurosurgeon at UM, and guess what? He decided to wait. We have another scan on Friday, with the same rules. For those who speak my language, here is how I see it.

while (!ready_to_go_home  &&   !condition_worse) {


Kevin Currie said...

For the rest of you that don't speak his language I'll translate.
J = Geek!

Anonymous said...

I guess I can't speak your language )couldn't get that little blurb) - must be because I'm so old - I blame everything I can on that.

Sounds like the saga continues WAIT WAIT WAIT. So we will just continue to PRAY PRAY PRAY. I may have to resort to Captain Morgan before this is over.

Love Aunt Nancy

Ben & Emily Myers said...

I agree with Kevin!! Don't worry Nancy, no one understands that language!!! :)

We will keep sending our prayers and thoughts your way..........


Anonymous said...

as soon as I put some tape on my bifocals,pull out my pocket protector, and put away my Star Wars figures, I'll try to interpret your message.
Kisses to all the babies and prayers for all of you (especially Greta)
Nanu, Nanu


lanneanderson said...


I have been keeping up to date on the triplets through Sarah! Sounds like things are going good right now and am so happy for all five of you!!!!!! Take care and our prayer are with you and your family.

Linda Anderson