January 23, 2007

Day 34

After the last post, could we really expect anything more than ambiguity from Niklas's test today? Of course not. If the test showed increased ventricle size, then we would have had the reservoir put in. If the test showed improvement we were told we would wait. If, however, the test was unchanged then it would all be up in the air. His test was unchanged, so there is no urgency right now and UM will probably not look at the film until tomorrow. Chances are, they will decide to wait, but we are not sure at this point. It's as if the kid is saying "wait, not quite yet, just a few more minutes, I have another trick up my sleeve". He may, or he may not. Greta and I are prepared either way and honestly I am not really worried too much about the outcome. Niklas is under close supervision and in good hands. Greta did Kangaroo Care with all 3 babies today. I held Gabbie for about an hour, and she also breast fed twice. All in all, this has been a good string of 3 or 4 days and we both hope it continues.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jason and Greta

Niklas is not only amazing but such a figher. He is going to will his way through this. Thanks for keeping us informed - it was the first thing I looked for when I got home from work - couldn't stop thinking about Niklas today. We will all keep you guys in our prayers. Gabbie is such a looker - how cute is she. Love you guys -

Aunt Nancy

Kevin Currie said...

I have a feeling that little guy has many more tricks up his sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Adam said Gabbie's head looked so small in comparision to yours. I told him everyone's head is smaller in comparison to yours. By the looks of things these kids can fit into hats, lets hope it stays that way! Just Kidding!!

Love you!


Carrie Socia said...

Just checking in. Great photos - Gabby is looking quite stylish! Now I need to see what you have in store for the boys :-) In all seriousness, you guys have a GREAT attitude. Keep the pictures coming... and glad you are getting one on one time with your babies.

Anonymous said...

The cunnundrum that is Niklas...the story continues. This kid is a fighter and will continue. Sure it has something to do with all the prayers. I love the picture, can't wait until I can hold them. Love granny P.S. Sarah: Quit making fun of my kids head.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I am not the brightest crayon in the box. What does conundrum mean???