January 10, 2007

Go Niklas!

Today when I arrived at the NICU, Greta had already done Kangaroo Care with both Lukas and Gabbie for about 2 hours each, so it was my turn. I got to hold Niklas tonight, and not only that, he was on nasal cannula the whole time. I held him for an hour and then they kept him on the cannula for another hour or so. He was at about 29% oxygen which is getting pretty close to room air. Looks like all they prayers for Niklas have been having a positive effect! Gabbie is going to have her lipids taken away tomorrow. Lipids are fats that are given to premies through the I.V. and since she is eating so well they are taking them away. I must say, there is nothing more gratifying than disappearing equipment and lines. Lukas had an uneventful day, which is also a wonderful thing. I know we have a lot more bumps in this road, but it is sure nice to celebrate the progress all 3 have made over the past week. The picture here is of Niklas, and its not really a good one as his color really doesn't look like that. Also, he had his eyes open staring at me for about 10 minutes or so tonight.


Ben & Emily Myers said...

Yeah Niklas! We are so happy for you! We love you all!!!

Carrie Socia said...

I'm so thrilled to see that all three babies are making positive progress! You must love doing the kangaroo care with them! Thanks for sharing the photos... thinking of all of you daily!

Anonymous said...

I love the hat! Glad to hear all the babies are doing so well. Niklas is making awesome progress, the power of prayer is amazing. Before you know it you'll get to take the babies home with you. Hang it there and stay strong!

Auntie Sarah

Alyssa said...

Oh my goodness they are so sweet! I haven't had internet for awhile so imagine my surprise when I go to check on the progress and see the pictures! Sorry this is a little late but congratulations! I am sorry you have been through so much but they all seem so strong and so are you guys! I will be thinking of your new family and can't wait to see more pictures!
Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

love seeing niklas being held. His hat reminds me of the ones grandma used to make for you kids. I was relieved to see that is was green and not maize and blue. Hope everyone continues to keep praying....grannie

Anonymous said...

I have never posted a comment so here goes. First of all, I am the family caregiver (that means I'll take care of Bob if anything happens to Mary -Heaven forbid), Anyway today Mary used a new word: She said "Julie there is a new Blog" She is really getting techno. Okay now the babies. I love the pictures, they are the most precious babies in the world. My family and church is praying for all of you. I know now that it is working. God Bless
Julie Spyke

Jayme said...

First off congratulations on your new additions. Sarah gave me the link and I am glad to see things are improving. I will certainly keep you all in my prayers. Stay strong and remember god never gives you more than you can handle. =o)

Judy Stark said...

Jason and Greta,
I am very thankful the babies are doing well. It is truly a miracle. Certainly there will be some "bumps in the road" but please know there is a little guardian angel in heaven watching over your 3 babes....take care.
Your Mom's "young" friend.

Hanselman Family said...

You go Niklas! We are proud of all of you! Mom & Dad included!