January 8, 2007

Day 19

Overall, today was a good day. Starting on Saturday night, Niklas was started on a round steroids to hasten his lung development and to give him relief from his PIE (respiratory condition). He has been doing very well with his breathing, blood gasses etc. He moved from the oscillating ventilator to the conventional ventilator and his x-rays are looking excellent. The effects of the steriods are temporary, so we are really praying that he doesn't make backwards progress (at least not too much) when the effects wear off. Niklas also received another brain scan today, and the way that I understand it there was a little bit more swelling, but not enough to warrant an intervention. We were told to expect this on the next few scans before things start to improve. It's really hard to wait for the next scan, and then not see improvement, but that is the way these things work.

Lukas and Gabbie have been progressing very nicely, they are spending more and more time on the nasal cannula and are tolerating it well. All 3 of the babies are eating, with Gabbie tolerating the most food at this point. On Sunday, we got to wrap Lukas and Gabbie in the same blanket and hold them for well over an hour. I think the roller coaster adage really still applies here, Greta and I are extremely happy with all of the progress of the past few days, but its hard to get excited when we have such a long way to go.


Davis family said...

We are all in the basement gathered around the computer and staring at those little miracles all bundled in blankets. Oh, please keep the pictures and updates coming so we know just what to pray!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pictures I have ever seen! I can't even tell who is who. Give the babies kisses for me!

-Auntie Sarah

Anonymous said...

I haven't posted any comments until now, but wanted you to know I've been following along each day. Now that I know you're not freaked out by all of us 'watching' you guys - and that you like it - I may as well let you know I've been here!

It's Jen's Natalie in New York! I check in each morning and think about the five of you all the time. When the clock says 11:11, or I find an eye lash, or a penny or a lady bug or a four leaf clover, I will be making wishes for you guys. I hope you're hanging in there and that each day brings some new improvement. The pictures are precious. Go Team Myers!!


Kevin Currie said...

awww. those are the cutest little things ever! they remind me of this move that i saw on saturday about this boxer from philly. he was little in stature but had a huge heart. he fought all of the odds and had everyone pulling for him. in the end he proved that he is the champ. always remember-
"if you can catch that chicken, you can catch apollo". -Mickey

Anonymous said...

I think that is the first time I have ever heard something serious come out of Kevin's mouth. I'm glad it's documented!

-Auntie Sarah