January 5, 2007

Day 15

First, I want to say how grateful Greta and I are for all of the support and visitors that we have received on this blog. We are getting comments from people we haven't even met, and that is very cool. It is the highlight of our evening to come home and read all of the comments. The blog has been a really great tool for keeping everyone informed and it has spared us both the exhaustion of having to repeat our story over and over.

So, today was another relatively uneventful 24 hours, which is good. We were told today that Niklas's PIE (lung condition) is showing some small signs of improvement. This one may take a little time to clear up. He also had another brain scan today and after our conversation with the doctor I am feeling much better about this. There was no further bleeding in Niklas's brain which is good. On the other hand, the ventricles in his brain have enlarged a little bit more (1mm). In a nutshell, here is what is happening. The brain produces cerebral fluid all of the time which washes over the brain and is recycled. Niklas had small bleed in the beginning that was pretty low grade and not too much of a concern. Commonly, when these bleeds heal, the clots can restrict the draining of the fluid that is produced and this causes the ventricles to expand. In the case of Niklas, this blockage is very small, evidenced by the slow rate of expansion. He has another scan on Monday and they are hoping that things either stay the same or start clearing up. Nonetheless, since this is not a rapid collection of fluid, there is no need to get alarmed yet. If the ventricles continue their expansion, they will drain the fluid from his lower back until the clot heals up. At this point I am very relieved about the results of this scan and feel pretty good that Niklas is going to get past this one just fine.

Also, Gabbie and I had a real moment today. I was doing Kangaroo Care with her when she started moving, strecthing, and wiggling around until she could turn her head and look at me. She had her eyes wide open for about 20 minutes and we both just stared at each other. Her eyes were so big and beautiful, and she was so alert. I wish Greta had been in the room to take a picture. Soon after, she snuggled in and went to sleep again. Both Lukas and Gabbie are making good strides with their time on Nasal Cannula and both did well with feedings today. I still can't help but feel like we are still on a rollercoaster, I just hope we have gone over the biggest of the hills. Oh, and last night, all 3 kids were blessed by one of the hostpital's chaplains. She was also amazed by the sight of these three little miracles.


Ben & Emily Myers said...

Sounds like an incredible moment you had with Gabbie, we are sure that it is only among the first of a lifetime of memorable moments!

Bemily and Barkley (he is barking at the computer right now really loud, we think it means "Hi"!)

Steve said...

Great news! They (the babies)know that you are there for them. Just keep toughing there little hands and whispering words of confidence
to them. It means so much, believe me, I've been on the receiving end of that.
All our love,
Steve,Nancy & Kelsey

Arletha and Floyd said...

I am so excited to be a part of these babies' lives. Lisa calls me as soon as she gets some news. I talked to your mom last night and that was good. You are constantly in my thoughts and I just know we will be ohhing and aahing over these babies when we're all up north. Remember - miracles do happen! We have Steve and that is a miracle. I pray for all of you every night - before I fall asleep! I know every minute you have with these tiny lives is precious. God bless you all! Love, Arletha and Floyd (the man, not the dog!)

Anonymous said...

Niklas, Gabbie, and Lukas,

Your Auntie Sarah has told me all about you! She is a very proud Aunt and loves you very much. I am praying for your health and hope to meet you in April when Sarah is home! You have a wonderful family who cares about and loves you very much!

You're in my thoughts and prayers!
Lindsey (Aunt Sarah's friend)

Anonymous said...

hi guys I'm so lucky to have the most beautiful grandkids ever. Can't wait to smother them with big wet slobbery kisses. Everyone who has been praying for them...thank you so very much.
I think I finally figured out how to send this, so here goes. (can't wait until these kids are thre and can show me how to use the computer)