January 4, 2007

Happy 2 Week Birthday!

It's already been 2 weeks since these little guys have been born, and today was another pretty good day. When I arrived at the NICU, there was a little sign on the side of Lukas's isolette that read "Welcome Lukas Myers to the 2lb club" and had stickers all over it like it was something that he brought home from school. That means this guy has gained a little over 1/4 lb, which in relationship to his total size is a pretty nice chunk considering he lost weight initially. Niklas had another day of status quo, and although we would like to see some improvement, holding steady is not too bad. Also, Gabbie and Lukas each spent some time off of the C-PAP and on nasal cannula. Nasal cannula is oxygen through the plastic tube with prongs that go in the nose. It is the final step before they are on regular room air. This step isn't done at once, they will gradually spend more and more time off of the C-PAP. Niklas is still on the oscillator, and is finally comfortable and has stopped trying to fight it. His chest tube also came out tonight since his nemothorax has healed up. His lungs still have a ways to go to heal, and its not going to happen overnight. Greta got to do Kangaroo Care with Lukas and Gabbie, and after work today I also got to take a turn with Gabbie. It really is such an awesome feeling and takes the stress of all of this away. The top picture is of our little fighter Niklas, finally asleep and peaceful. The middle picutre is of Lukas in a weird sleeping position. He was really playing with his hands before this and looked like he was figuring out how his fingers work. The bottom one is of Greta and Gabbie doing Kangaroo Care.


Kevin Currie said...

great pics. they are so cute. nice plug for the photography business with the link. you are a true business man.

Julie Miller said...

Thanks for posting the pictures - it was great to see each of the babies. I can't wait to meet them in person!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful babies...they take after their aunt! Thanks for the pictures I was so excited to finally see what they looked like. Good luck today with Niklas' scan!


Jenny From The Block said...

Beautiful babies! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I can't wait to hold them!

Ben & Emily Myers said...

Hi! What great pics of all three! We are looking forward to seeing them again in person soon!

Keep us posted!


Davis family said...

Made me tear up to see those pictures and hear that Lukas hit 2 lbs! Way to go guys!

Mary said...

Your babies are absolutely beautiful - we're praying for you all every day, and you're part of our "special intention" list at school. You'll be amazed at the power of the prayers of 475 kids!
Oh - by the way - I'm Julie's Mom! We haven't met yet, but I've heard so much about you all. God bless!
Mary Miller

HMB said...

They are so precious, Jake and Grety. Still praying for their development and for strength for their mummy and daddy.

Love, Holly

Ieva said...

They are fantastic!Cute!Amazing!Best wishes from Lithuania.Grow fast and health for them.Best wishes to Greta.